Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend Ride

We've had some awesome weather this weekend with lots of clouds and cool breezes.  I almost tacked Bombay up for a solo ride on Friday, but then heard a bunch of children running around screaming on the trails in front of my house, and thought better of it.  I always regret taking Bombay out on holidays, because more people than usual are out and something ridiculous almost always happens that convinces Bombay that his life is in peril, which in turn puts my life in peril.  I really would like his next nervous breakdown to happen when the trainer is here, so that I can make sure that I am handling it properly and helping my horse build self-confidence rather than making the situation worse.

I had resigned myself to not riding until the holiday blows over, but P.S. wanted to ride on Saturday, and I figured Rock would be okay with whatever challenges were thrown at us along the trails as long as he was with his buddy horse Gabbrielle.  The mares are always braver around Rock, Rock is always better behaved when he has the mares with him, and Bombay can pretty much ruin any good ride by causing a ripple of spooks.  No horse influences Bombay in a positive way, nor does Bombay influence other horses in a positive way.  So, he stayed at the barn.

Both Rock and Gabbrielle were very well behaved with the exception of a lot of bush snatching.  I had my helmet cam set to take a snapshot every 60 seconds, and in quite a few pictures I caught him eating.

Amazingly, we didn't meet a single soul on the trails, save for a small rattlesnake that the horses apparently almost stepped on.  P.S. saw it move and heard it rattle right by Gabbrielle's feet.  I turned Rock around to get a closer look, and just as it was slithering further under the bush, I did see the rattle behind the black bands on the tail.  I've got to pay closer attention to what's on the trail, apparently, because I was in front and I didn't see a thing.  I was too busy yakking.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the ride:

This last landscape shot is pretty good when you consider that I didn't even know when the camera was taking pictures.  Ha ha.


fernvalley01 said...

very nice! sounds like a nice relaxing ride

Brenda said...

Wonderful photos, especially the last two. Looks like it was a nice ride

Beth said...

You have an awesome place to ride. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

achieve1dream said...

Those are great photos! I need to get me one of those helmet cams!!