Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Experimenting with a New Camera Setting

For today's trail ride, I set my GoPro helmet mounted camera to take a picture every 60 seconds.  Normally, I reach up and press the shutter release when I see something I want to photograph.  This time I rolled the dice and hoped something interesting would get caught on camera along the way.  These were my favorite shots:

At the end of our ride I stopped Rock to let the mail carrier pass before crossing the street.  He was being a wiggle wort, refusing to hold still, so I decided to make him wait until the mail carrier came back the other way too.
Wouldn't you know it, the mail carrier decided to pull off the road and park in front of us by the gate we needed to pass through.  I thought she was going to deliver a package across the street, but apparently she was giving herself a shot of medication.  I figured she'd drive off when she was done with that, but instead she started eating her lunch.  By then Rock had held still long enough that I rewarded him by letting him walk the rest of the way home.  The horses were eyeing the mail truck as we passed in front of it, and I refused to look at it.  I focused on getting across the street and down the driveway.

I don't think either horse spooked, so that was encouraging.  We had one funny part to the ride in which P.S. was riding behind me telling me a story while we were descending into a wash.  As soon as we hit the bottom of the wash, Rock decided he was going to run up the other side.  I let him do so because it was nice to have him feeling his oats instead of dragging his feet, but then he didn't stop running.  He just kept going, and I could no longer hear what P.S. was saying.  How rude.

So, I stopped him and turned him around to remind him that we should stay with our friends and not ditch them.  Rock was quite spunky.  When I smacked him with the riding crop for burying his head in the bush he bucked in protest.  But he learned to not stop moving his feet while trying to snatch snacks along the side of the trail.  I decided that was a good compromise.  I wanted to ride and he wanted to eat, so we met in the middle.  If he had a metal bit in his mouth, I might have made the rule of no snacking whatsoever, but eating while staying at the pace I ask is pretty harmless in a bitless bridle.  Plus it helps clear overgrown brush from the trails.  It's a functional compromise.

When we got back, we did a little work with cavalletti poles.  I set them up in the shape of an "L" and we rode the horses forwards and backwards through them.  Gabbrielle made it in both directions, but Rock will need some work on backing up.  If I don't release the pressure as soon as he backs up, he thinks he is giving the wrong answer and so he moves forward.  I don't think he understands the concept of backing long distances.  I'll have to work on that.  I'll probably have to take two steps back, release, ask again, take two steps back, release, ask again... until we are all the way through the "L" alley.  Once he knows that is the goal, it should go smoother.  But I ran out of time and couldn't work on it anymore because I had an appointment at the hair salon.

Oh yeah, and while we were trying our maneuvers, Bombay and Lostine kept trying to eat the cavalletti poles, so we got some practice herding "cattle" off the "road."

Unfortunately, I turned the camera off when I thought I was turning it on for the arena work.  And then I turned it on when I thought I had turned it off before going into the house, so I ended up getting a ton of pictures of the inside of my house.  One of these days I'll get it all right.  I just can't see what the heck I'm doing with equipment that is on the top of my head.  Maybe I should try it with a chest strap next time.  Then people will probably be like, "Why does that lady keep looking down at her boobs?"


Mary said...

The whole camera on and off thing cracks me up. I went for a private airplane ride with my father in law to see Mt. St. Helens not too long after it erupted, and managed to do that exact same thing. I got a nice shot of my feet walking onto the plane and then boom nothing!!! I was so mad at the time. Now it's funny. It wasn't on my head, so I have no excuse.

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a good ride, lol at the chest strap! might work, but then you would be looking down instead of where you are going...