Wednesday, April 2, 2014

High Jinks

It's a windy day.  You know what that means...

Horse play!

The boys are like kindergartners -- the way they fight over the new ball.  The feed store started stocking a new horse/dog ball that seems to be a little tougher than the Jolly Balls, so I bought one.  We'll see how long it lasts.  I think it took Bombay two days to shred a Jolly Ball.

Gabbrielle is always in the role of referee, throwing down penalty flags with her tail when things get too rough.

I know that Gabbrielle secretly enjoys this, because she imagines that they are fighting over her.

So, who won?

Bombay may rear higher, but Rock always wins out with steady authority.


Sam said...

He just wins because he is bulkier!


Katharine Swan said...

This is what Rondo and another gelding in the corral like to do! They love to play with one another. I've seen them play tug with a traffic cone another boarder donated for their amusement, and once with a stick that couldn't have been longer than 6 inches. Funniest thing ever!

fernvalley01 said...

what fun!

achieve1dream said...

He shredded a jolly ball? Good grief Bombay! I hope the new one lasts longer. I love the pictures!!! Great job! I wish I had an open place like that for mine to play. They always hide in the trees LOL!