Saturday, April 26, 2014

My View

This has been my view for the past week:

I got walloped with a whole slew of illnesses, some related, some unrelated.  It was like the first problem kicked in, my white blood cells got busy with it, and all these other viruses and bacteria decided to take advantage of my immune system's inattention.  The other viruses and bacteria sent the first problem in just to distract my white blood cells so that they could sneak past and wreak havoc on my body.

If I didn't already hate TV before this past week, I definitely hate it now.  Watching it was all I could do.  I tried reading, but no words in a book could hold my attention, and part of my problem was a scratch in one eye and an infection in the other eye, so I haven't had 100% of my vision.

I'm finally starting to feel an inkling of normal, which is really good, because yesterday I was pretty sure I was going to die.  I'll tell you, I will never take good health for granted ever again, and I am going to work harder to make sure that I stay in good health.  Once I am back in the world of the living, the first thing I plan to do it pick out all of the horses' hooves.  They had been standing around in several days' worth of manure.

Stewie did a good job of keeping me company throughout the ordeal.  I would even swear that he was trying to hold his bladder and bowels until I had the strength to get up and take him outside.  He learned the joy of licking my feet, which are very ticklish, so I had to protect myself by pulling the quilt over my feet.  When something interesting was going on outside with the horses, Stewie moved up to my pillow to look out the window.

It turns out that the new camera does not do well in low light indoor scenes, especially with pets running around, so I had to take it off the auto settings and put it on shutter speed priority while raising the flash.  There is such a lengthy delay between pushing the shutter release and the lens actually capturing the image that I got a lot of shots of the carpet where the dogs just were in my frame two seconds before.

I still have it on my To Do List to do a professional photo shoot with the dogs.  My other camera can handle hyperactive dogs indoors with no problem.  I just need some time to clear out some space in the garage and set up the studio lights and backdrops.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.  A couple of things have happened recently that taught me to trust my pets.  In one case, each time I walked the dogs through the garage, they strained on their leashes to get to a mop bucket.  There were also several times when the dogs ran for the garage door barking when no one was there.  Well, it turned out that they knew exactly what was going on.  One of those poisonous Colorado River toads got into our garage.  By the time I looked in the mop bucket to see what the dogs were pointing out to me, the poor toad was dead.  Next time they alert on something, I'm going to stop what I'm doing and investigate.

Also, Rock has started the annoying habit of walking off from the mount.  I did my usual training, showing him that it's hard work to be away from the mounting block, but he can rest next to it.  However, the training wasn't working.  Each time I tried to mount, he still walked off.  So, I decided to see if the cinch needed a little more tightening, and it turned out that it needed a ton of tightening.  I walked Rock back to the mounting block, and he stood still.

This has happened twice now, and I would swear that he's trying to prevent an accident by not allowing me to mount until the cinch is tight enough to hold the saddle upright, because once I get it tight enough, he has no problem holding still.  The mares get pissy if we tighten their cinches too much too fast, but Rock pretty much insists that we pull it snug from the start.  So, next time he walks off from the mount, I will say, "Thank you, Rock, for reminding me to tighten your cinch."


Cindy D. said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. I would suggest an audio book. I had to laugh over your comment about TV. I pretty much hate it too, and only watch a few shows which I record. Other than that, I could definitely live without it.

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, I had to take Friday off work because Thursday, by noon, I felt horrible..headache, backache, dizziness. Went to urgent care Friday and was diagnosed with bronchial asthma! I cough constantly, too. I slept for 12 hours that day and even took a 3 hour nap. Same with Saturday. Today I'm feeling somewhat better. We had HORRIBLE winds here Friday & Saturday, so that probably contributed.
Cheryl ann

Water Girl said...

That is so cool! Your pets understand the concept of intelligent disobedience. They teach guide dogs to do that, so if their owner asks them to guide them across a busy street when the light is green or something like that they will not go until it is safe. I'm training a guide dog to be, so I've seen many dogs perform it with training, but I've never heard of a horse with intelligent disobedience. You have got one smart horse on your hands and quite a gem too. You are very lucky.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Cindy - I'll have to find an audio book for next time.

Cheryl Ann - I think you need to look into retiring somewhere that is dust free, smoke free most of the time, and hopefully allergen free too. That's definitely not the desert. I wonder where doctors are recommending that people go for clean air nowadays. I think once you retire, that will really help keep the viruses away too. Teachers and people in the medical field get the most exposure to germs.

Water Girl - I've never heard of intelligent disobedience. Very interesting.

achieve1dream said...

Yikes! I hope you're feeling better. I hate when it seems like everything hits all at once. I'm glad the animals are doing their best to keep you safe.