Sunday, April 27, 2014

We've Got Squatters

Early Sunday morning I noticed some children playing at the back of our property.  They live in the house behind us, so I decided not to give them a hard time for trespassing.  Big mistake.  By evening they had set up camp.

See that tree to the right of the white fence?

See the back of our white sign that reads, "Private.  Keep out."?

Apparently, they think that sign is the edge of our property, but it's not.  Our neighbor had stakes put in to mark off his property boundaries, and the furthest stake to the east, which we share as a corner boundary, is actually beyond the white fence in the street.  Obviously, we don't expect to own our corner of the street, but it would be nice if people wouldn't venture past the fence. Or in this case, allow their kids to venture past the fence and build a playhouse on their neighbor's property.

That thing that looks like a boa constrictor is actually a root of the tree.

The kids set up a chair, a wheelbarrow, some cardboard, and something else that looks like a cage.

Hopefully, it will all be gone by morning.  If not, I might play Finder's Keepers.  I know that if someone sends you something through the mail that you didn't ask for, it is your right to keep it.  I wonder what the case is if someone leaves something on your property.


Tina said...

In that kind of situation, I'd go to the parents. Kids don't need to have their stuff taken just because their parents aren't watching them like they should.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Tine - To do that I would first have to assume that the parents don't know about this and that they care. The first thing these parents did when we moved into the neighborhood was to run around and tell all of our other neighbors that they "still own" the side of the hill. We can clearly see on county records that our property line extends up the side of the hill into the street behind us, so we're not sure where they are getting their information from. We looked into getting our property surveyed and staked off, but it was too expensive at the time. So, I'm sure these parents believe that the playhouse is on their property. Also, I have confronted both the mother and the kids for trespassing and playing in our backyard in the past, because they would come all the way down the side of the hill and collect stuff out of our arroyo, carrying it off in buckets. Things are always more complicated than they appear in blog posts.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Update: All the stuff remained on the side of the bluff despite high winds all week. But it was cleaned up some time this past weekend.