Sunday, May 18, 2014

Doggie Photo Shoot

I've been trying to make time to do a professional photo shoot of my dogs ever since Stewie made his entrance.  Then my daughter bought me a pop-up backdrop for Mother's Day and I had to try it out.

Midge hasn't been the same since her hospitalization and high fever, and Scrappy has been slowing down quite a bit too, so I've been concerned that they may not make it through another summer.  One of my clients recently lost a dog to kidney failure, and she told me that she was so glad that she hired me to photograph her pets so that she has photos to remember her by.  Scrappy's face mask is so gray that it is almost white now and he looks a lot different from the last time I did a serious photo shoot of him.  It's time for some new 8x10s.

It was tough finding a spot in our new house to set up for a photo shoot.  I had an entire room in which every wall was covered with sliding glass doors and windows for plenty of natural light at my old house, and I used that for my studio.  The new house is just kind of this long box with long rooms and not much natural light.  Our furniture takes up most of the space, so I had to set up in the entry way and use indoor light with a flash.  It's not ideal, but all I had to work with unless we took the dogs outside on leashes.  But then it really would have been difficult to hold their attention.

 Stewie, the Chihuahua / MinPin mix with ADHD.

Midge, the smidge.

Pappy Scrappy, who doesn't like to sit in my lappy.

Special thanks goes to my daughter for assisting me and training the dogs to sit still long enough for me to get the shots.


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, they are ALL adorable! I only have 1 picture of my favorite kitty ever..."Sniffy". She used to follow me around the block and chase off any dog who was dumb enough to enter the yard! I'm not sure our 17 year old cat will make it through another summer here...sigh..
~Cheryl Ann~

ellie k said...

Steaks is a cutie, I bet he is a lot of fun.

Crystal said...

Those are awesome! I can see how an extra hand would be nice too, love the one of Scrappy on his hind legs. And the last one of course :)

ellie k said...

I mean Stewie, where did I get steaks.

ellie k said...

My iPad corrected Stewie to steaks, I hate when it does that and I don't catch it.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie k - We've all been there. I always assume someone's auto correct took control when I see the wrong word in a sentence. Steaks would be a funny name for him, though, especially since he's so skinny. I call him Weasel Dog.

Katharine Swan said...

I love the picture of all three of them looking up at something! What a great shot!

achieve1dream said...

I love them all!! You did a great job! Your daughter did a good job picking out the backdrop too. I think the one with Scrappy on his hind legs is my favorite.