Friday, May 9, 2014

Gone Exploring

My son came by to spend some time with me today and I talked him into going for a drive to explore parts unknown to me.  I've lived here two years now and have failed to visit our local lake.  It was a bit of a rude awakening, because it turned out that after driving up into our mountains to experience nature, I wasn't allowed to park anywhere because I didn't have a recreational pass.  So, I just had to pull over quickly, leave one foot in my vehicle and one foot out, snap a few pictures, and then leave.  There were signs everywhere saying that cars that are stopped or parked without recreational passes will be ticketed, and there were cops watching me pretty much everywhere I went.

Besides exploring new areas, I wanted to find and photograph some wild horses.  I told my son to keep an eye out for them, because despite it being pretty early in the morning in May after most of the snowbirds have headed home, there was still plenty of traffic on the highways and I had to keep my eyes on the road.  I smelled an engine burning and began to panic, because we have problems with critters nesting under our hoods, and a car pulled off to the side of the road in front of us.  I thought, "Oh, I guess it was their engine that I was smelling."

Then we drove past them with half a dozen other vehicles on my bumper, and my son said, "Horses!"

I was like, "Dang it!" because by then there was no place to pull over safely without getting too far past them.  On the way back, he spotted one lone horse, and of course, it was in a location where there was no shoulder on the road.  So, all I got were some landscape photos.  Next time I venture into that area, I will make sure I have that recreational pass so that I can actually get out of my truck and enjoy the place.

I also wormed my horses, and something surprising happened.  Rock ran away from me and wouldn't let me halter him to worm him.  As long as I'm haltering him to go for a ride, he's more than happy to cooperate, but apparently he has an aversion to wormer tubes.  So, I did some pressure and release while approaching him with the halter and wormer, and he quickly settled down and swallowed all his medicine.

All of my other horses are so good with worming now that they actually line up and wait their turn for it.  I use a halter for safety, but don't tie the lead rope to anything.  I just hook my fingers over the cheek piece or under the chin so I can guide their head to the level where I need it, and then stick my thumb in the corner of their mouth to get them to open up for the tube.  I have to remember next time, though, that Gabbrielle is sneaky about pretending like she swallowed the paste, and then when I release her chin, she spits it out.  She's really good about accepting the paste when I administer it, but once she tastes it, she lets her opinion be known.


aurora said...

Nice photos. I only wish I could photograph wild horses! Buying a pass will be worth it.

Cheryl Ann said...

Beautiful photos! I just ordered my wormers. I put it in their pellets. When I had Scout and Cali together, I'm pretty sure Scout got a double dose!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to get any wild horse photos. I have a recreation pass, but it's mostly for show. I haven't scratched off the date or anything and it's been my experience that neither the Tonto guys nor the county guys pay much attention. I was actually sitting outside my car, parked, at a recreation area when a deputy came into the parking lot and parked a few spaces down. I kept waiting for him to come over and ask where my pass was, but he never did and less than a minute later I saw him leave. I'm not too worried. I keep it in my glove box and if they ask where it is I'll just tell them I forgot to scratch it off.

You got some great pictures, though! I'm going out on Friday to look for horses so I might go over by the lake to get some flower pictures.

achieve1dream said...

Wow I'm surprised those are in a hurry pictures. They are beautiful!

You have to have a pass? Weird!