Thursday, May 1, 2014

High Winds Howling

Like many in the southwest, we've been dealing with high winds off and on over the past few days and nights.  The winds blew the lid off my horses' grain storage unit and broke it.  You have to keep a lid on grain around here or all the critters will get into it, so I temporarily moved all the grain into the horse trailer until I could get a new storage bin.  I had hoped to find something heavy duty without having to travel too far, because my health keeps relapsing.  I ended up settling on a cheap plastic storage bin from Walmart just for a temporary solution, because now the critters were finding ways into the horse trailer to feast on bran, beet pulp, and whatnot.

I also had to buy a new outdoor chair for the barn, because the nylon straps on the old fold up chair looked like they had been chewed through by rodents.  I think they were just deteriorated from being out in the sun for two years straight.  I didn't have the strength or patience to restring fresh nylon weave, so I looked for something that didn't require assembly and threw the old chair in the trash.  I settled on a plastic chair, even though those get really hot sitting in the sun and blow away in the wind.  But I didn't have any other choices in my price range.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to put the new plastic chair in the hay barn, or last night's wind would have blown it into the next county.  I was pleased to see that the lid on the new grain storage bin held strong.

One thing that didn't fair so well was our outdoor dog kennel.

The winds blew it about 40 feet away away from where it was previously sitting.

It was flipped upside down and the frame was bent, in addition to damaging our stone wall in places.  I was knocked out in a deep sleep, but I was aware of my husband running around slamming doors, saying something about furniture flying around, and it seemed that the dogs were racing around the house for hours barking.  Despite all that, I couldn't wake up, even with the dogs pouncing on me.  I had taken some pain killers in the previous morning, which should have worn off by evening, so I'm not sure what my problem was.  I guess my body desperately needed some rest.

Anyway, my husband had to be out there in the dark cutting the tarp roof off the frame so that the kennel wouldn't keep blowing all the way into our neighbors' yard.  We've had high winds before, and the kennel just creeped a few feet.  This was the first time it was lifted off the ground and flipped upside down 40 feet away.

Oh well, another expensive solution bites the dust.  I'll probably disassemble it when the winds die down, try to beat the bent frame back into place and maybe re-weld the joints, and then just store it in the garage until next fall when the spring winds and the summer monsoons are long gone. 

Feeding the horses was a nightmare this morning.  All the hay was getting blown down my top into my bra.  I needed to break flakes in half, but the wind was grabbing all the loose blades and blowing them away.  I had to keep swatting the horses away, because they were grabbing the hay with their teeth and loosening the flake before I could get it into the feed barrel, and a ton of hay would blow away in the process.  I have trained the horses not to snatch the hay while I am shoving it through the railings into the feed barrels, but they were so anxious about the wind, that all their manners blew away right along with the hay.  I wanted to just throw the hay on the ground, but I knew the wind would eat it before the horses could.  

Even the dogs are afraid of this wind.  They don't want to do their business outside, so I'm back to my old daily hassles of scrubbing stains out of the carpet.  Wind, wind, go away, don't come back another day, take your chaos far away.  Once you're gone, I will say, "Yay!"


Cindy D. said...

oh yes- the old hay in the bra trick! I deal with that every single day!

It has been a bit windier than usual the last few days.
It is the one time when feeding pellets really comes in handy.

CarrieZ said...

Bummer about the dog kennel, I'm pretty sure summer is NEVER going to get here.
I will however be singing the last line from your blog LOL!

"Wind, wind, go away, don't come back another day, take your chaos far away. Once you're gone, I will say, "Yay!"

Cut-N-Jump said...

There are some substantial sized stakes to be found that you can drive into the ground, securing the dog pen. If nothing else a T-post in each corner and some cheap baling wire should also keep it in place. If you wanted to go more secure and drop a post or two in the ground, clamping the kennel to that- I know a method that takes very little work and no digging. Drop the posts 2' in the ground in nothing flat. Works every time!

At the last ADT one of the guys was explaining about how the natives aren't so much bothered by the wind because they listen for it. It tends to blow in and out, coming and going in waves just like the ocean. Different concept and one I had never thought of.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I agree. These high winds need to go.
As for the dog kennel, can you buy some t-posts, pound them into the ground at each corner of the kennel, and then strap the kennel to the t-posts with wire or strong rope?