Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Melting and There's a Bee on My Hit List

Despite the heat, P.S. and I went for a trail ride this afternoon.  I had planned to ride Bombay, but of course, he had to provoke Rock into biting him right where his cinch sits.  The welt was all swollen and raw.  So, I considered Lostine, but if we decided to cross streets, she'd probably dump me.  She's totally easy to ride as long as she is in her comfort zone, but once she gets one hoof out of it, she launches into a full-on panic attack.  I only want to take her for short rides anyway, so I rode Rock again.

We decided to try having one of us ride out alone, and then have the other meet up with the first rider from a distance in the desert since the horses tend to get over-excited upon seeing horses in the distance.  The problem with riding Rock out first is that he dawdles if he doesn't have another horse setting the pace, but I was afraid that if Gabbrielle went out first, she'd get overly nervous being alone.  So, I pushed Rock out first, and then turned him around to start riding toward Gabbrielle, who I knew was somewhere way off in the distance behind us.

As soon as Rock spotted Gabbrielle, he instantly recognized her, so instead of balking, he started running toward her.  I had to slow him back down to a walk.  I looked up to see Gabbrielle running too, and P.S. was circling her.  She said that Gabbrielle was running more for home than she was running toward Rock.

We met up and stood facing each other while discussing what happened and how we handled it, and when we were ready to move on, Gabbrielle got a hold of my saddle strings in her mouth and wouldn't let go.  P.S. was backing her up, and Gabbrielle was acting like a dog playing Tug-O-War.  I reached forward with my riding crop and tapped her on the muzzle with it until she finally let go.  That was totally something Bombay would have done.  I guess he's taught her well, one comedian to another.

While walking up an incline where there was a dead log behind a bush around a corner, Gabbrielle teleported sideways and then ran backwards into a bush to get away from it.  This was a dead log she had spooked at before, but she has also ridden past it many times, not spooking at it every time.  I rode between her and the log, and then she walked past it.  I stayed in the lead, because Gabbrielle was a bit keyed up and she tends to do better following Rock.

But then she had the worst spook yet when we were traveling along a narrow, bushy trail near a road.  P.S. said that she was concerned about a log on one side, and then something moved or made a noise on the other side of the trail and she took off running, crashing right into Rock and I, pushing us out of the way, and racing past us up the trail.

I forgot about our plan to let the horses run when they are spooked.  I started fighting Rock to keep him from chasing Gabbrielle, because I was afraid that if he chased her, he would convince her that there really was something to run from.  I was watching Gabbrielle running off with P.S. and listening to P.S. shaming her with her tone of voice.  I felt angry with Gabbreille.  She is old enough and experienced enough that she shouldn't be acting that way.  At the speed she was going, if P.S. fell off, I didn't think she would get away without a scratch this time.

It turned out that P.S. was intentionally letting her run, even though she lost a stirrup, and then when she got a ways ahead of us, she circled her to a stop.  I think the incident scared me more than it scared her.  I got a shot of adrenaline and was shaking.  We made the horses stop and stand still for a while before heading toward home.  It seems that the horses always get sketchy right when we are approaching an intersection where we can either head for home or head out further.  They really shouldn't be that excited to get home, because we usually work them at home after our rides and we don't feed them right away.

It was just too hot for me to be riding out further.  P.S. is a lot younger than me, so she and the horses were doing fine in the heat, but I was melting.  When we got back to the barn, P.S. got Gabbrielle to help her open the gate to the round pen, and then she rode her in it for a while.  I was working on Rock's patience by just sitting in the saddle on the outside of the round pen watching.  Then this really aggressive bee kept trying to land in Rock's eye.  I tried swatting it away with my riding crop, but it just got more obnoxious.  So, I dismounted, and the bee crawled up under his saddle blanket.  I quickly got it out of there, ran to the horse trailer, grabbed the Pyranha aerosol fly spray and sprayed the crap out of that bee and Rock.  It finally went away.

Then it started hassling Gabbrielle, so I sprayed her.  Then when the horses were put away, it started hassling me and P.S.  I'll tell you, I never wanted to kill something so badly.  At least rattlesnakes have the sense to leave the area once they know humans are around, but this bee was asking for it.  I wore my helmet cam, but either the battery ran down or it malfunctioned, because I only got one shot that wasn't worth keeping.

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achieve1dream said...

Ahhhh!!!! After being stung by a wasp I'm now terrified of anything with a stinger lol. I'm glad none of you got stung.