Thursday, May 29, 2014

Riding Through Hurricane Amanda

Okay.  Not exactly.  I openly admit I exaggerate sometimes when I'm trying to be funny, but we are getting sprinkles from Hurricane Amanda and they did hit while I was out trail riding this morning.  Since I knew it was going to be windy and since I needed my exercise, I rode my bicycle out to the trails early in the morning to pick up that newspaper and a bunch of trash that the Memorial weekend yahoos left behind.  Then I donned a bandana around my forehead to ward of having sweat dripping in my eyes and blinding me.

Gee, if you made me bald I'd look just like my dad.

I saddled up Rock.

For probably about 5 years, I have used a lime green mobile phone holder attached to my belt loop when riding.  I won it in a blog competition and loved it.  Most mobile phone holders clip on stiffly like with a clipboard style clip and pop off when I mount and dismount.  Or they strap to your arm or leg and slide around.  This one can't fall off, and it dangles from my belt loop, so it swings itself out of the way when I raise my leg.  Anyway, the lime green one finally started falling apart, so I looked for the same kind, but couldn't find it.  I ordered a larger leather pouch with the same hook up online, but it was too bulky for horseback riding.  Then I finally found the same brand as the lime green one and bought one in purple and one in pink.  I'm using the purple one now.

Just as I was about to ride out, P.S. showed up.  We talked while she haltered Gabbrielle, and then I rode out ahead so that she could practice riding Gabbrielle out alone and meeting up with me on the trails.

You can tell that I've got my priorities straight.  Ride first, clean the stalls later.

I looped around one quadrant of the desert and looked for P.S., but didn't see her, so I headed out for another round, trying to stay on a high trail where I can spot her on either side of me.  Rock suddenly threw his head up and came to a stop, then nervously tried turning around like he was scared of something.  I stopped him in a half-turn and looked around to see what he saw, but I didn't see anything.

Rock never misbehaves.  If he refuses to do something, it is for a good reason, so I had to trust him and let him continue turning around and going back the other way.  I thought his behavior was odd, especially since we had just come that way and nothing was there before.  He wanted to run home.  That's how nervous he was.  I started thinking about this nightmare I had in which my horse trainer was eaten by mountain lion and wondered if Rock might have spotted or smelled one of those.  Just then it started raining.  I realized that Rock probably got hit by a droplet of rain and wanted to head back to the barn so that we wouldn't be caught in a downpour.  He's so smart.  If I weren't already married and if Rock were a man instead of a horse, I'd marry him.

I eventually spotted P.S. on Gabbrielle in the distance.  She taught me a trick that the horse trainer taught her.  When a horse's head goes up in excitement over seeing another horse off in the distance, ask her to lower her head by pulling back steadily and evenly on both reins, and releasing the pressure once she brings her head down.  Continue to do it until she consistently keeps her head down, and then walk on a loose rein.  P.S. applied it, and it worked this time.  Neither of us had to deal with horses running toward or away from each other.

We talked a bit and then Rock started poking my boot to say, "Let's go!  I'm tired of getting sprinkled on."

We stopped to watch the raven babies hopping around their nest at the top of the telephone pole.

I love this shot of Rock's dun stripe on his butt as I'm looking over my shoulder.

It was a really nice ride.  Each time we headed for home, I either turned away to head out again, or wanted to, because there was such a nice breeze and no sun.  It's supposed to get up to 98 degrees today and then we will be back in triple digit temperatures tomorrow.  You've got to ride whenever you can, even if it is raining.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I rode by the bird sitting in the dirt on her eggs on the side of the trail twice and she still didn't move a muscle.

achieve1dream said...

That bird is brave lol. I love Rock's dorsal stripe!

Sounds like such a fun ride!! I don't like riding in rain but a light sprinkle like that is kind of nice in the summer.

Didn't your hair used to be really short? It's so long and curly and really pretty!