Friday, May 2, 2014

Trotting Here and There

I came home from a gift shopping trip to find P.S. testing out a new saddle on Gabbrielle.  She was willing to wait for me while I saddled up Rock to ride with her.  We found a new trail that I'm tempted to call the "Wild Goose Chase Trail", because it went up and down this same arroyo multiple times, switching back and forth, almost as if it were going nowhere but designed for hikers and horseback riders who like roller coasters.

While my husband and I were driving home earlier, I saw the city firemen trying to get a rattlesnake into a bucket on the side of the road in front of the elementary school, so I knew the rattlesnakes were out, and each time we rode down into an arroyo, we had to wade through bushes where rattlesnakes hide.  We didn't feel comfortable doing that over and over, so we quit the trail early and cut across to a straighter trail that rode above the arroyo.  Once we got on a straight-a-way, we decided to trot, since part of the plan with Gabbrielle to get her into endurance riding is to eventually canter her on uninhabited, smooth, sandy trails.

Once I let Rock trot, it was like he had so much fun that he didn't want to stop.  So, P.S. would be telling me a story as we'd be going down a hill, and just before we reached the bottom, I'd be twisted around in my saddle looking back at her and suddenly feel Rock switch gears and trot the rest of the way down and up the other side.  I didn't like that he was changing gates without me asking first, but he definitely wasn't out of control.  As soon as I asked him to stop or walk, he did.  He was having such a good time trotting that I didn't really want to stop him.  Gabbrielle and P.S. were having fun chasing us too.

Gabbrielle gets a little pissy when we ride side-by-side.  Rock pretends like he's a bumper car and tries to bump her off the side of the trail.

I had the camera set too high, so most of the pictures captured the sky.

When we got home, I decided to see if Rock would help me open the gate to the round pen, and he did.  We rode through the gate and trotted in the round pen a while.  Then P.S. asked if she could practice cantering on him since his lope is more comfortable than Gabbrielle's.  She said he so much easier to ride and control than he was when we first got him.

He's so cute.  He kept his ears forward and didn't cop an attitude about being worked after the trail ride.  Rock is such a good sport.  I hosed him down afterward and let him graze a bit.


Mary said...

That sounds really fun! Except for the rattlesnakes...

fernvalley01 said...

sounds great! Rock seems to be settled into the horse you need him to be