Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fly Eliminators vs. Fly Predators

Last year I had a subscription to Fly Eliminators.  I chose the Fly Eliminators over the Fly Predators, because they cost a little less.  They arrived as unhatched bugs in a bag of shavings within a soft, padded envelope.  The envelope and bag were easy to open, and there were enough bugs and eggs to sprinkle around my barn, my horse paddock and my manure pile.  A fly population existed, but it was controlled.  However, what I really liked about Fly Eliminators was that every time I had the thought that there seemed to be an increase in the fly population, another shipment magically appeared in my mailbox just in time to nip it in the bud.  I don't remember how many bags I paid for, but it seemed as if I was being sent more booster shipments than I expected, and they came in very handy.

This year I switched to Fly Predators just to see if one company was better than the other.  The unhatched bugs arrived in a bag inside a cardboard box, which could be a struggle to open, but I figured that should the bugs hatch early, they'd be less likely to get squashed in a box.  Still, I never had problems with bugs hatching early from either company.  I preferred the envelopes.  The next difference I noticed was that each time I started sprinkling the bugs out, there were only enough to cover the barn.  I didn't have enough left over to cover the horse paddock or manure pile.  Also, the Fly Predators packet appeared to be stuffed with more shavings than eggs.

But what really has made me take sides with Fly Eliminators is that the fly problem tends to get out of control before another shipment of Fly Predators arrives.  It just seems that the Fly Predators shipment schedule for my area misses the mark.  I finally gave up on having any success with Fly Predators, and just ordered a separate shipment of Fly Eliminators to use on top of the Fly Predators subscription.  Next year I will only order Fly Eliminators and start with their packets in February.


Cindy D. said...

Your timing is perfect. I was actually just thinking the other day that I wanted to ask you if you were happy with eliminators last year. Our flies are out of control this year already. I know what to do now. Thanks

ellie k said...

That reminded me of what happened to my daughter, she ordered lady bugs for her garden, they came in a box. She took them to the garden opened the box and they were ready to go, they all flew straight up and left the garden. She said I just stood there and watched twenty some dollars fly away. We can laugh about it now but she was quite upset at the time.

Dreaming said...

Very interesting. I like your Scientific approach!

gowestferalwoman said...

Oh Ellie K....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Im not laughing at your daughter and you, but with you, really *chuckle*

Thank you for your honest review, Nuzz! I was just thinking about this and wondering which seemed to be better - I think you helped push me over the edge... in a good way!