Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Quick Spin and Feed Bag Fun

I rode Bombay for a little bit in the arena just before sunset.  It was too hot for me, so I mostly just sat on him and let him pick up the orange construction cone in his mouth and swing it around.

I didn't bring my camera while I rode, because I didn't expect anything interesting to happen, but it probably would be funny to get a picture of him holding that cone in his mouth while I'm riding him.

What was weird was that my knee did not hurt me when I mounted Rock and Lostine in recent rides, but as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup to mount Bombay, the knee felt like a fresh injury.  I think it was mostly a psychological reaction since Bombay caused my knee injury several weeks ago.  It was as if my body was saying, "Are you kidding me?  You're getting back on that horse that messed up your knee?"

I wasn't comfortable riding him.  I wasn't scared.  The best way to describe it is that I got a bad feeling that he was going to jerk me around and test me.  He did hunch his back up a few times when I asked him to sidepass and move up to the trot.  I know that you want the horse to round up his back, but this felt more like he was threatening to buck.  The trot was uncomfortable, because he kept jolting forward into it, and speeding up to break into the lope instead of doing that smooth transition into a nice, consistent jog that I was used to.  But I was also like a lump on a log in this heat, and too brain dead to recall any of my equitation skills.

After I removed Bombay's tack, I desensitized him to a big, empty grain bag.  He snorted at it and backed away at first, but then allowed me to rub it all over his face and body.  I left the bag out in the arena and let the other horses out of their stalls.  Rock made a beeline for the bag, picked it up with his teeth and shook it all around.

I went in the house and looked out the window to see that Rock had stuck his head so deep into the bag that when he lifted his head up, the bag was stuck over his entire face.  It was hysterical.  But, of course, as soon as I grabbed my camera and went outside, he dropped the bag off his head and wouldn't do a repeat performance.

He very deliberately stomped on the bag while walking away from it, as if punishing the bag for not having any grain inside it.  Then Lostine came out to investigate.  

She can't resist anything that smells like grain.  Then Bombay played with the bag a bit.

Then Rock returned to show everyone how it is done.

Gabbrielle needed a little encouragement, but she eventually sniffed it and let the bag touch her feet.

In all the years that I've been desensitizing Gabbrielle to the plastic grocery bag on the end of a stick, I've never been able to touch Gabbrielle's body with it.  I can shake it around her, but she would never let it anywhere near her body.  The other day the horse trainer got her to accept having her legs touched with it, and P.S. was able to get her accept having her chest and sides touched with it.  I have no doubt that soon they will be rubbing that bag all over her body.


achieve1dream said...

Empty feed bags were Chrome and Zep's favorite toys!! I love the photos. They are so cute! Too bad Rock wouldn't put his head back in. That's hilarious!

Cheryl Ann said...

I should do this with my herd...maybe tomorrow...