Monday, July 28, 2014

Rock Gets a Brush Up

Because no one has been handling Rock much lately, he's been developing some bad habits like trying to steal other horses' grain rations, not letting me spray or wipe him down with fly spray, and evading getting caught to be haltered.  It's his way of saying that he has learned what it is like to have a lot of freedom and free time from work, and he likes it.  He's kicking up his heels, so to speak.

So, I've been rather stern with him, which is hard, because he's so dang cute.  Every time he turns and looks at me, I burst out laughing and want to hug him.  Anyway, we went for a trail ride this morning and I expected him to be resistant and rough around the edges at the very least, but he was fantastic!  He didn't run down or up any hills, or at least he listened when I ordered him not to, and we traversed more hills than usual.  He didn't balk much when in the lead, and he didn't push from behind.  Here are some pictures...

We approached a mud puddle and I discovered that Rock has the opposite problem of Bombay, Gabbrielle and Lostine, who all avoid puddles with a vengeance.  Rock bee-lined for it, but I knew he had a cut on his pastern and I didn't want him to walk through bacteria-ridden water.  Plus the mud looked pretty deep.  I had to fight to get him to go around the puddle instead of through it.  I'm sorry to whomever worked so hard to train him to go through water.

There was one hill in which I could feel him picking up speed once we hit bottom, so I turned him up the wash to shut him down.  He was on a winning streak and I didn't want him to sabotage his own success.  Then I tried backing him up to catch the trail at a walk, but he had to poop, and then he refused to step back into his poop, so we had to circle some bushes to get him pointed in the right direction again.

Here we stopped to investigate that saguaro off in the distance, because it had a huge bird's nest built in the cradle of its arms.  No bird, though.  We are going to make a point of passing it every time we come out to see if we can catch the bird when it is home.  It's gotta be one big ass bird.

I pushed Rock around the puddle again, but stopped to wait for P.S. to work on getting Gabbrielle to approach it.  The horses probably think we humans are all crazy, because I don't want the horses with open wounds on their legs to walk through puddles, P.S. wants Gabbrielle to be brave and approach the puddles, and the horse trainer wants the horses to push right through the middle of them.  Oh well, maybe it will be a good lesson for the horses to learn to just listen to whatever that particular rider wants at that particular time, and not try to anticipate their expectations.

The saddle pad fell off Rock when I removed the saddle, and he stepped on it.  My other horses would have blown sideways if that happened to them.  They'd be like, "Ahhhh!  What's that big black thing at my feet?"  Rock saw it and casually moved over so he could stand on it.  It probably felt good on his feet.  Soft and squishy.

My truck is still in the shop.  I've been patient with them because the problem of not getting the part was not their fault, but now I am getting a little peeved, because I told them I thought the problem was that a rodent had chewed through some wires.  They said they checked the wires and they were fine.  However, when they tested the alternator, it had some power problems.  So, they tried to order a new alternator, but none were available.  Then they found a refurbished alternator, but it was taking a long time in transit.

Today the refurbished alternator finally arrived, but when they took my old alternator out, they discovered that a rodent had chewed through the wires underneath it.  So, now they are replacing those.  I'm just annoyed, because had they checked the wires around the alternator like I originally requested last Tuesday, I'd have by truck back by now, but instead they lied and said that they checked all the wires and that wasn't the problem.  I need transportation so that I can get to the feed store to get more Hoof Alive.  The farrier is coming this week and she doesn't like it when my horses' hooves are hard on her tools.  Also, the storm blew the lid off my bucket of psyllium and got that all wet, so I have to use it before it gets moldy.  Fortunately, it was low anyways, but I'd still like to buy a fresh bucket of it soon.  The horses are also getting low on the high protein grain with probiotics.

The irony in all of this is that I used to own two cars and a truck, but last week I signed the titles of the two cars over to my two adult children, because my son was moving out of state and I wanted him to handle his own registration and insurance.   My daughter has a career now, so she should be covering that too.  Sure enough, as soon as I signed those cars away, my truck went into the shop, and now I only have horses for transportation.  I don't think any of them are ready to make a trek downtown yet, though.


Betsy H said...

Oh but how fun would it be if we were able to ride our horses to town!! I have a friend who used to take his horse thru the McDonalds drive thru when he went on wagon trains :)

fernvalley01 said...

Well with all you need to pick up, you would need a cart as well, time to get the gang broke to drive? I hate it when mechanics dont listen to us,sometimes we actuallty know what we are talking about !