Saturday, July 19, 2014

Toad Trouble

We have a hoard of toads that comes out of hiding at night, and these big guys have a lot of audacity.

My husband found me running around in the garage at 2:00 in the morning chasing a bunch of them out.  They line up along the garage doors, and then when we open a bay door to bring the dogs outside, the toads hop inside.  No sooner do I chase one back out, and another sneaks in around me.  If I chase them off the driveway with the help of the dogs, as soon as we start walking back to the house, these toads follow us into the garage.  Don't worry.  I know they are poisonous to dogs, so I don't let the dogs get close enough for a taste.

Stewie had been chasing after something under a bush, so I lit up the ground around the bush with the red light on my camera.  As soon as I saw something move, I pressed the shutter release, and this is what came up on my LCD screen...

The sad thing is that the toad turd is almost as big as the rat.  I've got twice as much poop to scoop now that the toads have taken over the dog yard.

Oh, September, where art thou?


achieve1dream said...

Eww toad poop lol!!! I'm always amazed at how such small creatures make so much feces! That rat picture is actually really cool though. I can't believe it was dark when you took it. So cool!

Crystal said...

oh so much different problems than we have. I was complaining about our gophers the other day but at least they are not in my garage and they do not poop that much (i dont think) eww!

Cheryl Ann said...

Nuzz, don't feel too bad...I was moving some of our bedroom furniture around yesterday my HORROR, I found rat poop! Or mouse poop! Some kind of rodent poop! EGADS! We had a critter a couple of years ago, but our indoor cat at the time, Patches, sprang up from the bed and she nabbed it! Right in front of us! GOOD KITTY!
~~Cheryl Ann~~