Saturday, August 16, 2014

Riding into the Sunset

My husband had the week off from work and was looking forward to going horseback riding, but between the monsoons, the humidity, the heat, and my headaches it was looking like just trying to stay upright in the saddle was going to be impossible.  Just when I had given up on trying to go for a trail ride, P.S. came by and the wind picked up late in the afternoon.  There were some clouds broiling on the horizon, but it looked like they would either amount to nothing or take at least an hour to reach us and drop any rain on us.  I had taken my Ibuprofen and my husband had taken his pain medicine, so we quickly saddled up to join P.S.  Unfortunately, I forgot to clean my camera lens before leaving, so most of the pictures are blurry in the corner.

Riding Lostine is like driving an old junker that can break down at any minute.  Whatever happened to my Maserati?  I kept praying she could make it a few more steps without me having to pull off to the side of the trail and call for a tow truck.  The good news is that she was really gassy while saddling up, but pooped all along the trail during the ride, so she was much more perky toward the end of the trek.  I'm glad I chose to ride her, because the exercise helped her tummy feel better.

I'm getting truly fed up with being sick and hungry all the time, so I've been experimenting with foods to figure out what fills me up and gives me energy, and what makes me hungrier and weaker.  I'm discovering that my body just can't tolerate sugar or caffeine anymore.  Also, now that my husband has moved his office out of the dining area and into an unused bedroom, we can move our treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike into the dining area where we can exercise in air conditioning and watch TV at the same time.  That should help me workout more often.  We have two dining areas, so we still can use one of them for dining.

I'm usually so out of shape by the fall season after not doing much beyond napping and vegetating all summer that it takes me a long time to get back into the swing of hiking or horseback riding every day.  I find I just don't have the energy to do it after coming out of hibernation.  I'm going to try to change that this year.

I can feel fall approaching, because in May and June we had to ride early in the morning if we wanted to ride in bearable temperatures.  July pretty much sucked 24 hours a day, but now we occasionally get a decent afternoon with a breeze.  I can't wait for the nighttime temperatures to drop, because then both mornings and evenings will make for good trail rides.


Cheryl Ann said...

Living in the desert DOES have its disadvantages. We "hibernate" after noon, or take a LONG siesta! Even hubby does that on his days off now, like yesterday. Yes, I've hibernated all summer, too...

I find that having a shot of wheatgrass helps get my energy level up, as well as a green smoothie.

ellie k said...

Have you tried a gluton free diet? my daughter has some of the same problems and finally started watching her diet and feels much better. She also gave up meat, that was just because she wanted to.

Linda said...

We feel like that after winter. Although, our summer has rivaled yours. It has sucked!! I can't bear riding in the heat. I stick to the trees as much as possible and ride early.

achieve1dream said...

I second the gluten free! My twin sister was diagnosed with celiac disease so I stopped eating wheat. I feel SO much better. It's like night and day. My husband stopped eating it with me to make is easier for me and he's lost thirty pounds in four months without changing anything else. I'm trying to cut sugar out too because it's really bad for me, but haven't managed it completely like I have the gluten. Cutting back is better than nothing. Seriously though, not eating gluten has caused me to lose weight, my stomach doesn't cause the problems it used to, nowhere near as many headaches, have a lot more energy, etc. I don't have the blood sugar crashes either. I'm not nibbling on crap snacks all day either. I rarely snack at all anymore. :) I hope you feel better!