Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Friends Taking a Walk

Bombay always has to stop to check on his friends at the horse rescue when we go for a walk.

Can you believe that my knee still hasn't totally healed since I hyper-extended it last June?  It still blows out backwards when I take a step every now and then.  But I'm thankful that we occasionally get these cloudy, cooler days so that I can take a walk with a friend in the desert and get those muscles back into shape.

Bombay found the sole of a shoe...

...but it didn't taste good.

Every time I see some random sole of a shoe laying around beside a hiking trail, I want to find the owner and take him or her shopping for better shoes.  I've never had a pair of shoes just fall apart like that while hiking before.  The owners must be buying really cheap stuff.

Then Bombay found a really big stick and drew in the sand with it a while.  I suspect he was writing S.O.S. so that someone would rescue him from me and take him back to the barn where he could snack on the hay in the Nibble Nets.

Here he is running really fast.  Not really.  A gust of wind just picked up his mane while he was taking a nap.

He woke up when the neighbors began doing some construction.  It must be a special week because three different neighbors who are usually at work in the middle of a week day were all home doing outdoor chores.  I figured they all heard me cursing this morning when another hay bale exploded all over me depositing itchy grass all down the insides of my clothing.  I'm at a point where I'm about ready to hire someone to feed my horses for me just so I can avoid the hay allergy symptoms I get when wrestling hay:  Runny nose, headaches, red, itchy skin...

Bombay helped me pick up the mail.  Now I just need to train him to cut open hay bales and carry flakes to each food trough and hay bag twice a day, and we'll be set.


aurora said...

Wouldn't that be something to teach a horse to do chores? They would still need us to grow/bale/deliver/stack and pay for the hay, and then there is the end result. Poop. Lotsa poop. Who's gonna clean that up? Good thing they would still need us!

Sounds like you had a nice walk, and Bombay really enjoyed it too. The gust of wind photo turned out cool!

Cheryl Ann said...

It DOES sound like a nice walk. Fortunately, I have a 3 day weekend coming up, so maybe I'll get an extra day to visit the horses!
Cheryl Ann (Quad is rapidly improving!...he's kicking the corral of the little filly next to him...back to his normal self!)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Cheryl Ann - I'm happy to hear that Quad is doing better. I was worried about him.

fernvalley01 said...

nice to just go for a walk with the horses

achieve1dream said...

Bombay is so handsome! I love his long, slender ears hehe.

I feel you on the hay thing. Makes me so itchy!! I have to shower every time I do anything with hay. Luckily we can feed round bales. It's too bad the wind makes that impossible for you. :\