Tuesday, September 23, 2014

After Closing Time

I took Lostine for a walk out on the bridle trails after all the electric company trucks had closed down and left for the day.  I wanted to go out there when they were working, but they had falling debris and loose electrical lines, so I'm sure they didn't want to have to worry about the safety of onlookers.  Here are some shots of what was left out there...

Lots of big truck tracks that changed the topography of the trails.  My husband saw some new roller coaster-like sections that he is looking forward to riding on his mountain bike.

Lostine is so calm and unconcerned in her old age that she'll model anything for me.  It's so nice to have at least one horse that I can totally trust to keep her head on straight around new things.

We found one set of poles that still needed to be erected.  The workers left bags of tools sitting out.  They're pretty trusting, I guess.

Lostine found some feathers.  I'm reading a book that says feathers are a sign that angels are around you.  I just look at them and think, "Oh oh, somebody got eaten."

I'll try harder to be less cynical.

I went into the doctor today for an "ankle brachial index".  You see, all year long I've been trying to stay in shape, and without fail, as soon as I get into a really good exercise routine, my right foot comes up lame.  I get this pain in the bones and muscles at the top of my right foot and it hurts to put any pressure on it, so I have to stay off my feet for several days, and then I get out of shape again.  What's really odd about this is that the top of my right foot actually swells up and it's hard to get shoes on and off.

So, when I went in for my physical, I mentioned it, even though my foot was not hurting me at the time.  The doctor ordered this procedure, along with a sonogram.  While I was getting my circulatory system checked, I thought, "This is stupid.  I'm being tested for something I don't even have at the moment."

So, even though I am sick with a cold, I took the walk with Lostine, because I want to allow my right foot to get as screwed up as possible before the next test, because that's probably my best chance at getting any insight into the issue.

I remember all last year I kept alternating between hand-walking the horses for a week, and riding them for a week, because I simply could not walk anymore.  Then if I got into a situation where I had to dismount and lead the horse, I'd be limping or hopping on one foot the whole way.  My guesstimate on the matter was that by walking several miles a day, I was putting enough stress on my foot to cause things to rub together, and cysts formed, putting pressure on nerves, causing pain and swelling.  I mean, when you consider that most of my organs are already riddled with cysts and benign tumors, it makes sense.  There's no reason why these growths would bypass my feet after attacking everything else.  I've had ganglion cysts in my hands and feet before, and that is what this feels like.

I like taking walks with Lostine, because she limps and trips just as much as I do.  We are like two old ladies strolling arm and arm through the park.  Lostine is so short that I often put my arm across her shoulders while we walk side-by-side.  She's really good about staying in that sweet spot next to me.  If I need stop and free up my hands to do something, I can just toss the lead rope over her back and she will stand quietly and wait for me to finish what I'm doing.  Sometimes her company feels more like that of a human than a horse.


lytha said...

What a lovely halter on your pretty mare.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

lytha - Don't worry. I'm not copying you with the white tack. My horse trainer makes them out of secret ingredients. I got some white reins too.

fernvalley01 said...

sweet old gal! Hope you get your foot sorted out. a bad foot is no good to a horse or human. I like the snazzy white halter too

achieve1dream said...

I put my arm over Chrome's back like that too! Isn't it great? I'm glad you enjoy your walks with sweet Lostine and I hope they figured out what's wrong with your foot. I hate chronic injuries. It's so draining and exhausting to deal with.