Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dazed and Confused

I've mentioned before that I have memory problems, but I've been on a roll lately.  Pretty much every person I've come into contact with or have had a conversation with lately has looked at me like I've got too heads, or has become impatient with my inability to grasp information on demand.  It all started with me being prompted to enter my phone number into a debit/credit card machine.  I've been prompted for my zip code, my security code, and my PIN code before, but conjuring up my phone number was just too much for my brain to take in that moment and I blanked out.  I used the excuse that I don't call myself, but obviously I have to recite my phone number to people all the time.  I just couldn't do it in that moment, and had to cancel the transaction.

Then yesterday I was getting ready to go in for that sonogram on my foot, and I read the small print on the paperwork.  It said I was supposed to fast for four hours before the imaging.  However, I had just eaten breakfast.  Dang it!  I had to call the doctor's office to reschedule.  While I was talking to the medical receptionist I said, "Why do I need to fast for a sonogram on my foot?"  That's when she informed me that the sonogram was supposed to be on the carotid artery in my neck.  Huh?  That's embarrassing.  The doctor and I totally had a misunderstanding on that one.  I tend to act ditsy when I'm in the doctor's office because I have to rush and discuss what's going on, knowing I've only got two minutes tops to get the doctor caught up on all of my latest symptoms before she has to move on to the next patient, so maybe she thought I wasn't getting enough blood flow to my brain.

Then today the Chihuahua mixes had an appointment with a mobile pet groomer to get their toenails clipped.  I can clip my Corgi's toenails with no problem, but Scrappy screams, wiggles, kicks, scratches and bites, and Stewie has become equally anxious about getting his toenails clipped after seeing Scrappy's reaction to it.  I can't hold down the dog and clip his toenails at the same time.  I need help.

I used to have the vet's office do it until that one time when they had several vet techs hold him down, and the vet was so disturbed by my dog's screams that she told them to stop clipping his toenails before they were done, and then they charged me the full amount for the service.  I've been noticing pet grooming shops around town, but thought I would try a mobile pet grooming service first.

I had it on my calendar that our appointment was at 2:30 PM.  I closed the dogs up in the back bedroom so that they wouldn't all charge the door when the van pulled up.  It got to be 2:45 PM and I still hadn't received so much as a phone call, so I called their switchboard to ask if the appointment was still on.  The lady said that my appointment was at 3:00 PM -- not 2:30.  I said, "Oh, you must have pushed it back and didn't call me."

She said, "No, you're appointment was always at 3:00 PM."

I know I'm ditsy, but when someone is talking to me on the phone, I write down the time they are telling me right then on the calendar, because I know I can't rely on my memory, so I knew my calendar was right.  Then she explained that she tells people a window of time, like 2:30 to 3:00, and all they hear is 2:30.  Alright.  Fair enough.  Still, I felt like something was wrong.  Then she cut me short and said, "There's the gal who is handling your appointment right now."

We got off the phone and I ran to the window, but she wasn't there.  Then I realized that what she meant was that the gal who was handling my appointment was calling her right then.  She didn't mean she was at my house right then.  Sometimes these mobile businesses send messages to headquarters to check in when they've reached a destination, so that's what I thought she was referring to.

A few minutes later the phone rang, and it was the headquarters for the grooming business.  Sure enough, the groomer could not find my house and someone had input the wrong phone number into the database, so she had been calling some other client to get my address, and headquarters thought my address was wrong.  Wow.  What a SNAFU.

So, then the groomer called and explained that she had been down my street and went all the way to the end, but the addresses were higher than my address and never went down as far as my address.  Huh?  I live on the street and I gave them the correct address.  It felt like the lady was trying to convince me that I didn't know my own street address.  After the previous couple of memory loss incidents I had, it was pretty easy for her to make me feel like I was totally losing my mind.

She said she stopped at the house at the end of the street to ask where my house was, and the guy told her it wasn't on my street!  He told her to go to a different street, so she wasted all this gas driving around looking for my address on both streets and for whatever reason, could not find it.

I went outside to meet her and took Stewie with me.  She said it was a good thing I called the office, because otherwise they would not have been able to get the correct phone number to call me to ask for directions.  I started to carry Stewie toward the van, and she stopped me.  She grabbed some nail clippers out of the back of her van, walked right up to me in my front yard and started clipping Stewie's nails while I held him.  I think he was so distracted by the van that he didn't know what was going on, so he didn't struggle much.

I was expecting her to get to know my dog, take him into the van, put him in restraints on the grooming table, and then clip his claws.  Had I known that I would have to participate in the process by holding the dogs, I would not have agreed to pay the exorbitant price that I did for the service.

Then it was Scrappy's turn.  I warned her that he screams, struggles, kicks, scratches, bites, etc, and I brought him out of the back room.  He saw her standing in the entryway and ran up to her to greet her.  She just picked up his paw and started clipping away.  I think she was three nails in before it hit him what was going on.  Then he started to squirm backwards and I held him still at that point.  He did try to bite her once, but other than that, it was so anti-climatic.  I'd never seen him behave that well for a nail trim.

She was in and out in 3 or 4 minutes.  Though I certainly didn't feel like the service was worth what I paid, she did get the job done and without all the drama, so I decided to call it a win.

I got my nails done and they accidentally clipped one of my ears in the process.

What in the world just happened?  I dreamed that some lady came into our house and next thing I knew my nails were clipped. 

Oh, I found my ear.  I guess she didn't take it with her after all.


Laura Lee said...

That's good that the clipping process was not traumatic for them this time :)

How odd and worrisome about the memory issues. I hope everything turns out all right.

Camryn said...

I'd have to say that nails clipped + no drama = priceless

achieve1dream said...

Your dogs are so cute!!!!