Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NibbleNet Update

Last weekend I found the first signs of my NibbleNets falling apart.

The horses pull on the bottoms of the nets so hard with their teeth that they've managed to tear right through the crosshatched straps.  If the holes were up higher, I wouldn't be so concerned, but eventually they could chew the whole bottoms off and there will be no material left to hold the hay in.

I bought these NibbleNets at the end of May, so with me finding the damage at the end of August, the hay nets have held up for three months.  Considering what I paid for them, I would have expected them to last a lot longer.  I might be better off just buying cheap hay nets and replacing them every few months.


Camryn said...

Smartpak has a decent slow feed net that I've found easy to fill by placing in muck bucket.

Christie Maszki said...

Oh my goodness! Sorry they didn't work out for you guess some horses are rougher than others!

haswife said...

Check out the hay pillow! Ours ground version is still going strong 6 months later. Our 17hh guy really digs it. For him it's a toy as well as a slow feeder. They have several versions.