Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pole Replacement

Yesterday I saw the electric company working in a section of the bridle trails not too far from my place, and today they have been replacing the poles in front of my house, so this project is moving along pretty quickly.  Here are a few shots of their progress...

I'm really amazed at the speed at which they drilled the holes and erected the new poles.  I guess it's easy if you have the right equipment.

Any time that someone starts a construction project where I ride my horses, I get upset, because my past experience has been that these construction projects go on for months, and my horses are never any more used to the activity by the end of the project than they were at the beginning, so I have to trailer out if I want to ride.  But, fortunately, it looks like the electric company will be done with my favorite section of the bridle trails by the time I recover from the virus I picked up during my physical at the doctor's office.  Go in healthy... come out sick.  That's my motto.

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achieve1dream said...

Ugh that's one reason I hate doctor's offices. My whole family got the flu from going there.

I'm glad the poles went up quickly. :)