Monday, September 8, 2014

Post Storm Photos and a Photobomber

The arroyo in our back yard is one of the places we can go to find complete peace, quiet and stillness.  But not today.  While I was down there taking pictures of the remnants of the flood, the neighbor behind me pulled his race car out of his garage and began revving the engine while his pit crew showed up in all their noisy trucks to help with the tune-up.  Really, dude?  You're going to race in this weather?  We just got record breaking rainfall.  You might want to check the track conditions.

Really, Lostine?  I just gave you a bath!

Someone was having difficulties sharing the attention.


fernvalley01 said...

that is a lot of water!

Cheryl Ann said...

We had flooding here in our desert. Our post photos this morning.
Cheryl Ann

Dreaming said...

I'm glad to hear you didn't get flooded. When I saw the photos of the Phoenix area I immediately thought of you.

achieve1dream said...

Yikes that was a lot of rain and damage!

I love your horses. They are so adorable!