Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

As has been the case pretty much every morning for the past month or so, I struggled just to feel alive, but I put on some riding boots with spurs to encourage my body to get over whatever the heck its problem is so I can ride a horse.  It seems I miss out on a lot of horseback riding between October and December due to health problems year after year, so now I am entertaining the idea that I am allergic to something that blooms in the fall.  What's so odd about it is that once noon arrives, I'm fine.  I feel perfectly healthy in the afternoons.

Unfortunately, it's still fairly hot in the afternoons, so I felt bad pulling Rock out of the barn when he was already sweating in the shade.  But he's such a good guy.  He never complains.

I had our route planned out in advance -- one with a lot of rocky hills because I wanted him to exercise good judgement instead of just plodding down a sandy trail.  On our way to our first turn off, Rock's head flew up as he alerted on a hiker.  At the rate we were moving, we were going to run into each other at the intersection, so I just waited for her to pass.  Of course, she took the trail we needed to take, but she was moving fast enough and she didn't have any loose dogs with her, so I decided to follow behind her.  Normally, I'd be polite and give her some space by taking a different trail, but I've had my own plans squelched so many times by this scenario that I felt it was time for me to follow through on the route I wanted to take regardless of traffic.

It's kind of sad being on a horse who walks so slow that you can lose a hiker up ahead of you, but that's what happened.

I finally caught of glimpse of her crossing the street to the elementary school, probably picking up her kindergartner.  There was a line of school buses out there in the middle of the day.

I caught Rock on camera being naughty...

Branch snatching.  I prefer that the horses eat when I give then the go ahead, but Rock has been known to climb all the way into bushes and trees to snack and if his rider protests, he just tries to rub her off his back.  That's why I have to stay on top of this habit.

We were both taken by surprise when we came across a recently fallen saguaro on the side of the trail.  As we passed the length of it, Rock walked sideways and wouldn't take his eyes off it in case it moved.  It was a rather eerie sight.

On the way home, Rock decided to help me finish with the weeding...

I had left some weeds with yellow flowers on the driveway because they were pretty.  Rock thought so too, so he had to eat them.


fernvalley01 said...

glad you got feeling well enough to go for a ride!

achieve1dream said...

Yay for riding!!! Sorry about your allergies or whatever is making you feel sick. I always seem to hurt my back when the weather is perfect so I feel your pain.