Thursday, October 2, 2014

Found a New Friend

Look who came out from underneath the Lantana tonight...

My eyesight is bad, so whenever I see a snake, I grab my camera and telephoto lens to get a close up of the head and tail before getting close.  I could tell this one was non-venomous, but wasn't sure exactly what kind of snake it was.  It came out after dark, and I shined a flashlight on it and got pictures of the rest of its body...

We've decided it must be a Glossy Snake.  It has similar markings to a Gopher Snake, but a Gopher Snake is more scaly and less glossy.  It also has similar markings to a Desert Nightsnake, but Desert Nightsnakes don't grow longer than 1.5'.  So, by a process of elimination, it must be a Glossy Snake.  I love it that I'm still discovering new-to-me snakes in my yard.

While I was taking pictures of the snake, but not yet aware of what kind it was, a bunny suddenly jumped out from behind a wall by my feet and scared the bejeezus out of me.  I thought the snake was striking out at me, and I jumped.  Apparently, the bunny had been cowering there hoping I wouldn't see it, and finally decided to make a run for it.

I also got some pictures of those odd moths that look like hummingbirds from the side with my flash.

From this angle, they almost look like leaves.


Dreaming said...

I'm glad you are curious (yet cautious) about snakes. It bothers me when people just kill them, not investigating whether they can bring a positive benefit or not.
Your moth is a hummingbird moth. I love them!

Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, thank you for letting him (her?) be...snakes ARE useful. I don't even scream at the ones I see up at the ranch anymore, although I haven't seen one for a couple of years!

No, my trainer ONLY ever rode Lucille, who was already rideable, but who hadn't been ridden for quite a while. Really, she was pretty lazy with my horses. Not a good choice, I'm afraid.

I'd LOVE to have your trainer come over! I bet he could train (and ride) Scout in a weekend!
Cheryl Ann

Water Girl said...

Funnily enough, those moths ARE called hummingbird moths! (Except my family just calls them mothras.)We have them in CA as well and beware if they ever get into your house. They move fast and a pretty stupid. We've had a couple in the house and their buzzing sounds like a tiny engine revving up. We had to let our cat catch one and drown it in a glass of water.
Love the snake pics, I've always found it hard to keep slithering things in focus, but all you pictures are crystal clear.

achieve1dream said...

Wow that moth is so cool and the snake is so pretty! I love your wildlife photos!!