Sunday, October 26, 2014

On the Trail with Lostine

Lostine and I finally made it out for our trail ride in mid-afternoon when all the activity in the neighborhood settled down.  I'm actually glad that our morning ride got thwarted, because it was cooler in the afternoon with cloud cover and a nice breeze.

Lostine was cruising along in a relaxed manner right up until she sensed something off in the distance...

...hence the tightening of the reins.

Then, while she was busy alerting on whatever she sensed, someone in a house nearby began banging buckets around, and that sent her into a bit of a tailspin.  She tried running for home, but I stopped her.  Each time she broke out of the walk into a jig or trot, I made her stand still.  She caught on quick and returned to her relaxed walk.

We ended up spending more time on the trails than I intended, because each time we came to a split in the trail, Lostine tried to commandeer our route and head for home.  And each time she did that, I made her take the trail away from home.  I had to keep doing that until she let me choose which trail we could take home.

Otherwise, I was really impressed with her efforts to tackle varying terrains.  There was a lot of tripping and one time we went down on her knees when she caught her hoof on a sandy ledge, but you can bet that she started paying closer attention to where she was putting her feet after that.

She was really responsive to my leg pressure to push her sideways to avoid rocks and cholla balls.  I think about all the years I've put in riding her and how long it took to get to this point where this mare will allow me to ride her, will follow my directions, and will do it without copping an attitude or attempting to buck me off, and it truly is amazing.  I think the only thing that saves my butt when riding this horse is our relationship.


Cheryl Ann said...

Wow! What a nice job you have done with her! Can you come over and help me with my 5? Seriously, I need a new trainer.
Cheryl Ann

achieve1dream said...

She is such a good girl. I'm glad you're able to get out and ride her!