Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog

I've been busy spending the holiday with family.  Everyone was able to show up for Thanksgiving.  I met my daughter's new boyfriend for the first time and was happy to share our feast with him.  He made some stuffed mushrooms for everyone.  Any man who cooks is a friend of mine.  My son and his long-time girlfriend stayed in the area for four days, alternating between staying with us and staying with a friend.  The dogs were in attention heaven.  I was amazed how Stewie was so relaxed about sitting in the boyfriend's and girlfriend's laps.  If he's not sleeping, he's always play-biting me, but he was so well behaved for the company.

I almost blew a gasket with the race car driver neighbor.  He had company over on Thanksgiving Day and sent all the kids outside, probably so that the grown ups could drink and talk, and the kids climbed down into my backyard to play.  They set up another fort under my tree.  Of course, trespassing is always an annoying problem here, but this incident was over the top, because the kids had a pellet gun with them, and they started shooting wild rabbits.  They were carrying them around by the ears, and when I yelled at them, they threw the rabbits' dead carcasses down in my yard and ran home.  A few minutes later after I went inside the house, the kids were back in my yard again killing another rabbit.  I changed out of my sandals into shoes so that I could hike up to the neighbor's house and tell him what was going on, but as soon as I walked out of the house, the adults called for the kids and everyone drove off in cars.

I don't feed the wild life in my yard, but I do observe the animals and get to know them, so killing the wild rabbits I spend time learning about really upset me.  That's almost as bad as someone coming into my yard and shooting my dogs or horses.  I know that some people live out in the boonies and grow their groceries off the land, so I understand when they shoot rabbits to save their garden.  I appreciate it when people also make use of the animals they kill by eating them and using their pelts, but I have zero tolerance for hunting for sport or fun.  I know these were just kids who probably didn't know any better, but I was more upset with the parents for either not knowing what their kids were doing or worse yet, knowing what they are doing and allowing it.  I could totally imagine them saying, "Hey kids, why don't you go grab the gun and hunt rabbits like pilgrims down at the neighbor's place?  That should keep you entertained for a few hours."

In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't confront either the kids or parents, because they strike me as the type of people who would get revenge.  It wouldn't take much for those kids to turn their guns on my horses or my family members.  I hate having bad relations with neighbors, because I have to live with these people every day.  Plus, they've got a perfect shot of our living room from their balcony.  I know that the neighbors who used to live next door to me had to take out a restraining order against another neighbor who kept stalking and threatening them for calling the police when he rode his quad on their property.  Things just aren't the same as when I grew up.  I remember parents often calling other parents to complain about something their kids did, and no one ever pulled out a gun to settle the dispute.  Usually, the child got grounded and never did it again.  Those days are long gone.

A short time later, some strangers rode up our street on ATVs and drove right onto my neighbor's land when he wasn't home.  They just parked there and stared at us, so I gave them the stink eye and waited for them to start tearing it up out there.  Fortunately, they left, because I wasn't in any mood to tolerate anymore trespassers.  There's something about being on vacation that makes people think they have free rein over whatever pleases them.

The horses felt neglected after not being ridden or walked for several days, so after the kids left, my husband and I took the geldings for a quick walk.  Bombay scooped a long stick up off the trail and began rolling it around in his mouth.  He kept swinging it toward my face, but I thought I was safe because I was wearing sunglasses.  Then I remembered Murphy's Law and figured he'd somehow jam that stick up under my sunglasses into my eye, so I was about to pull it out of his mouth when he sensed my intention and just dropped it.

There were some trail riders up ahead of us, but the wind was blowing up from behind us, so our horses didn't smell or see them.  Once we changed directions, Bombay's head popped up and he began sniffing the air.  When we crossed the path the trail riders took, Bombay inhaled the ground they walked on.  I turned my head to see horse teeth in my face and jumped in surprise.  Bombay was doing the Flehmen Response, so one of those horses must have been a mare in heat.  He made a point of stopping to smell every manure pile.  He was so busy sniffing the ground and the air that I started singing "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog".  I knew I used to call him "Puppy Boy" for a reason.


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I would be upset over the rabbits, too! Grrrrrr! I love to see them up at the horse ranch and the silly crows. We used to have rabbits in our neighborhood, but now there are so many houses that they are gone. The roadrunner family is gone, too, and they were here for over 20 years. And, the quail are LONG gone! ...sigh...
Cheryl Ann

achieve1dream said...

I would have been pissed at those kids too!!! If they were accurate enough to kill rabbits I highly doubt that's the first time they've done that. :( No one teaches kids respect for living creatures anymore. So wasteful and heartless.

I'm glad your holidays went well with your family and that the dogs behaved. :) The walk with the boys sounds like fun too. Chrome sniffs the road like that too. I'll have to start singing when he does it now hehe.

FoxLair said...

Here's a link to other "snacks" you can give your was very informative

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

When you sing "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog", you have to change the word "crying" to "sniffing".

Brenda said...

Oh man, those kids shooting the rabbits would've really upset me, too, but I don't blame you for not wanting to say something to the adults. Retribution can be a scary possibility.

Other than that, I'm glad you had a nice holiday with your kids and their boyfriend/girlfriend.

achieve1dream said...

LOL! Yes I will definitely change it to sniffing. :D

How Sam Sees It said...

I would have called the cops. Baron was shot in the shoulder last year by some kids playing with pellet guns. Anymore I see kids with any kind of gun and I come down on them and their parents.