Saturday, November 15, 2014

Freeze Frame

Stewie and I are both wearing our jackets this morning...

He says, "No more miticide in my ear, please.  I'm sick of it.  But at least I'm warm."

He's my little lumberjack...

...who apparently is too cold to poop outside, so potty training starts all over again.  I know that the phrase "all over again" is redundant, but so is Stewie's potty training.

Yesterday consisted of a really long shopping trip, beginning with the pet store.  I needed to buy new nail clippers because the old ones were getting dull.  Along the way I found a bunch of products that claim to get rid of set in dog urine stains and odors, so I bought a couple of those.  I won't consider the stains removed until the carpet passes the black light test.  I wish we could just replace the carpet, but the new one would be destroyed instantly.  As Scrappy gets older, he doesn't even ask to go out anymore.  He just lifts his leg wherever he happens to be.  Then whenever Midge's glucose levels get out of whack, she leaves massive puddles of sticky, sugary urine all over the place.  So, Stewie's not the only culprit.

We've learned to live with the stench, but you can imagine my horror when my daughter said she was bringing her boyfriend over for Thanksgiving and my son might be bringing his girlfriend.  I didn't want the house smelling like a subway tunnel with guests coming.  There were a couple of other problems too.  We left our broiling pan that came with our oven at our old house, but the owners of the new house did not leave a broiling pan behind for us.  They took a lot of things with them like chandeliers, wall speakers, a hydraulic lift in the garage...  Our house is still filled with holes.  Anyway, cooking meat here can be a bit of a pain.  We had to hunt down a store that sold broiling pans.  Found it.

The final problem was our dining room table.  It's more like a kitchenette with only four chairs.  The most people we have had at our house at one time was five, and someone had to sit on the card table's fold up chair.  Now there was a possibility we might have six people at our house.  Some day the kids may marry and have kids of their own, and then we may have more than six coming for Thanksgiving.  It was time for new dining set, especially since a couple of chairs in the old set had to be glued back together after they fell apart.  It's not safe to sit on chairs in our house if you either weigh over 200 pounds or are just the wiggly type who can't sit still.

We went to an area where there were several furniture stores clustered together, but found nothing.  We were looking for something bright and cheery, but it seems that dark furniture is in style now.  Most of the dining sets were either painted black, or were dark woods.  We found a few marble tops we liked, but they were all too small, probably to cut down on the expense and the weight.  There were also a lot of square and round tables, but our dining space is set up for an oval or oblong table.  That shape was hard to find, so it was looking like we would have to settle for a rectangular table.

Furniture lasts a long time, so I hate when what I like is not in style when I'm ready to buy a new piece of furniture.  When I settle for something that is less than what I want, I'm stuck with it for a long time.  We did find one nice formal dining set with ultra comfortable chairs, but it was in the remainders department -- only one on display, and it was already sold.  However, since it had been sold nearly three weeks ago and the new owners still hadn't picked it up, our salesman was going to see if he could get away with selling it to us and refunding the previous buyers their money.  It turned out that the buyers were from Canada and I guess weren't in the area at the moment, and had asked them to hold it for them.  So, he called another store to see if they had one left, but they didn't.  Oh well.  Leave it up to me to be interested in the one product that is being discontinued.

So, we gave up and went out to lunch.  My husband mentioned to the host of the restaurant that we needed to wash our hands because we'd been furniture shopping all day and we felt dirty.  The host asked us if we went to a newer, super-sized furniture warehouse in the next city over.  We knew nothing about it.  So, after lunch we headed over there and found a table we liked, but we hated the chairs.  It turned out that the table was brand new and had just come in.  It was a mixture of light to medium woods put together in an interesting pattern.

We found different chairs that were comfortable, but the upholstery was black and the dark wood on the chairs clashed with the lighter wood on the table.  Just when I was feeling bummed that it wasn't going to work out, my husband found this wide captain's chair with really pretty upholstery sitting off to the side.  It was comfortable, so we slid it under the end of the table to see if it would fit, and it did.  We ordered two captain's chairs for the ends, and then four chairs that had the same wood as the table for the sides.  The wooden chairs aren't that comfy, but the only time people will sit in them is probably when we have extended family dinners on holidays, so we saw no point in breaking the bank by buying more of the plush captain's chairs.

I can't wait for the set to be delivered.  Of course, they won't let you pick a time slot or even morning or afternoon.  You can only pick a day, and you have to stay home all day and wait for them to call to say they are on their way.  They charge more to deliver on the weekends, so that can stick it to the poor working stiffs who can't take time off from their jobs to sit at home all day.

The next order of business is to replace the grain storage bin I sat on and broke last week.  It might rain tomorrow.  Gotta protect the goods.

Oh, and I received my first bit of feedback from a reader regarding my new suspense novel.  She said the story is fascinating.  If you have read it, please let me know what you think, either in a comment, an email (nuzzlingmuzzles(at)gmail(dot)com), or write a review.  Thanks.


ellie k said...

Stewie looks so cute and innocent.

achieve1dream said...

Stewie is adorable. Even my hubby said he looks great in his coat hehe.

I'm glad you found a table you like! If you lived closer I would have given you my old one. It meets all your criteria lol. :-)