Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Love This Horse

I wanted to squeeze in a trail ride before the next washing machine repair debacle.  It's Bombay's turn, but he cracked his hoof wall something fierce, and I'm afraid that if he took one wrong step on a rock, he'd split it all the way up to the coronet band, so he's on the disabled list until I can get some help from the farrier in trimming his hooves small enough to fit in some boots.

I rode Rock out, and though it was like riding an elephant through molasses for the first quarter mile of the ride because he has decided to just ignore my leg and spur cues, once he spotted a hiker and I gave him permission to approach her, he stepped it up in a hurry.  That's what I love about this horse.  He sees a human on the trail and he is excited to meet them and to see if they have treats.  He sees another horse on the trail, and he thinks it is going to be his new buddy.  It turned out that the hiker had a loose dog, but fortunately, the dog was more focused on getting home than on my horse.

The rest of the ride was perfect.  Rock stayed at a good clip so that we were actually covering ground, the weather was perfect with a nice breeze, and I could relax.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I could have fallen asleep in the saddle, and Rock would have gotten us home safely.

Rock spots the hiker and gets happy...

A dried up puddle between two cholla trees...

We returned home to find the raven sitting on the water trough making hoof beat noises with its throat...

These ravens get as excited about seeing horses as little kids do.

The snowbirds are out in force.  Last night my husband and I had to wait half an hour to get a seat at The Village Inn restaurant, where we've been eating all summer with no waiting time.  We had to stand out in the cold at first because all the seats in the waiting area were taken.  Locals who had to wait were making irritated comments about the winter visitors.

Just now two vacationers on quads showed up at the back of my property.  They read my NO TRESPASSING sign and then began discussing how they could get down the hill, past the sign into my back yard.  I haven't had anyone on quads attempt to come through my property yet, because the only people in the neighborhood who have them have either already received restraining orders to stay off neighbors' land or they have their own land to ride on.

They watched my house and barn closely, looking for signs of life to see if someone might catch them.  Little did they know, I was looking right back at them through a tinted window with binoculars.  Just when they were about to roll down the cliff, the woman said something, and they thought better of it.  They turned around and drove off down the street away from my property.  I could hear a couple of quads racing back and forth in front of my house the other night.  I went outside to tell them to cut it out, but they were gone by the time I got there.  It must have been them.  Fortunately, my neighborhood isn't very quad friendly.  The city keeps recreational motorized vehicles off the trails, so most people just drive around the streets until a cop spots them and gives them a ticket.

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achieve1dream said...

I hate idiots riding four wheelers on the road! Some losers almost sent Chrome through a fence when he was a yearling. :-(

I'm glad you had such a great ride on Rock. He's such a good boy!

Oh and I love ravens! That's so cool they make hoofbeat noises.