Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lostine Tackles Some Hills

Lostine was kicking up her heels and galloping all over the place in the round pen yesterday, so I knew she was feeling well enough for a trail ride.  I had an idea of where I was going to take her, but then my mobile phone rang.  I thought it might be the vet calling with Bombay's test results, so I answered.  I usually don't talk on the phone or text while riding a horse, but Lostine is one of the few horses I can ride hands-free.

It turned out to be a wrong number from North Dakota.  But while I was fumbling around trying to get my phone out of its pouch, unlock it, and press the correct button to answer, Lostine went on autopilot.  By the time I got the phone hung up and put back in its pouch, she had us on a crash course with some steep hills.

Usually, I avoid taking her up and down hills and on rocky trails because of her arthritis, but she picked the trail, so we kept going.  She handled all the rocks and ups and downs pretty well as long as I helped by shifting my weight.  Going up one hill, I had to stand in the stirrups and lean over her neck.

She did really well beyond her habitual stunt of speeding up at intersections and attempting to turn toward home.  She always goes in the direction I tell her to, but we have to get about 25 yards beyond the intersection before she'll stop trying to side-step her way toward home.  She's sneaky.

Now it's time to go ride Gabbrielle.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay for a good ride on Lostine!! She's such a good mare even with her sneaky ways. :-)