Monday, November 24, 2014

Playing Hooky

It was too nice of a day to spend it all doing chores and running errands.  I played hooky from my responsibilities by taking a trail ride.

I recently installed an upgrade of software and firmware for my GoPro camera, and I'm not sure what it is doing anymore.  It's putting some pictures in a Time Lapse folder and some in a Burst Mode folder even though I didn't take any pictures in burst mode.  I'm sure there is some logic behind this madness and I just need to learn the new routine, but I'm not interested in taking the time to do it right now.

When we were riding out, I kept hearing the horses back at the barn banging a gate.  When we returned, they had managed to open the locked gate to Bombay's stall.  I've been closing it during the day, because the horses all like to pee in there, and poor Bombay has to stand in urine puddles when he eats.  I don't think the ground in his stall has dried out in months because there is so much urine build up.  Now I have to find a second level lock to use on the gate since the horses have figured out how to open the basic lock.

This is the first time since last winter that I rode at the hottest part of the day.  During the summer I had to get up before sunrise to feed the horses, and then ride them A.S.A.P. after the sun rose if I wanted to ride in comfortable temperatures.  Now I find myself waiting for the chill to dissipate instead of trying to beat the heat.  However, one thing I learned is that if I ride in the mid-afternoon, I have to contend with the daycare traffic because school is letting out.  During summer I had to contend with the trash trucks in the early mornings.

Yesterday I'm pretty sure I saw the same coyote that stalked Rock on our last solo ride.  He or she was in my back yard hunting for rodents and rabbits around my pen.  I followed it to watch it, and it stopped several times to watch me.  It's a young coyote, and its coat is amazingly clean and silky.  The coyote is long and lean and has a face that reminds me of Stewie.

I mentioned in a previous post that I've only seen two desert cottontails in my backyard this fall, but now I am beginning to see more of them.  Today there were two ravens sitting on the barn railing looking at Rock.  He was face-to-face with them, as if having a conversation.  I tried to get a picture, but the dogs started barking as soon as they heard me open the backdoor, and they scared the ravens away.  The only way to be a wildlife photographer is to go way, way, way out in the wilderness by yourself.  No other people and no dogs, because if anyone is there besides the photographer, they always do something to scare the wildlife off.

This morning I took the trash out and looked up the street.  I thought, "I feel like I could actually go running today."  I couldn't go right then because I was wearing jeans, a belt, and slippers, but I did change into running apparel and go.  I normally hike and jog on the trails in the desert, because I find that when I jog on the street, men often pull up next to me in their vehicles and start asking questions -- usually they ask for directions.  It makes me feel vulnerable when they put me in that position.  I thought that in today's society most men understood that it is inappropriate to approach a lone woman or child when they are a stranger, yet they do it all the time to me.

Also, I wouldn't dream of stopping someone who is jogging or running because many of them are trying to reach time, distance or speed goals, and if you stop them, they have to start over.  The only goals I set for myself are milestones regarding getting further than the last time without stopping or walking, but if someone stops me, then it aborts my efforts and I have to try again another day.  Anyway, I was willing to risk that problem in order to avoid rolling my ankle on rocks on the trail this morning, and it paid off because no one stopped me.  If I can have more good experiences like that where I can jog in the street without getting hassled by men or dogs, then I'd probably exercise outdoors more often.

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achieve1dream said...

It sounds like you had a great day!! Playing hooky is awesome sometimes. :D I love hearing about all of your wildlife. I'm glad the rabbits are back!