Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bombay's Test Results

For those of you who have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about Bombay's lab work, but who don't go back to check comments in old posts -- I finally got Bombay's fecal and blood test results back.  The fecal was negative for worms.  Everything was normal in the blood tests, except that one test showed inflammation and possibly an infection.  She said a normal count is 400 and he was 600.  However, no other tests suggested inflammation or infection, so it must have been mild.  She said we could either redraw his blood to see if the count has come down or put him on antibiotics.  He's much better now, so I opted to only have her out if he stops eating again or looks sick or in pain.  Or if I need to call her out for something else, we can take care of any loose ends then.

She thinks my assessment was right in that he probably had a mild ulcer, and ever since I started treating him for a potential ulcer, he's been much better about eating.  I do think it is odd, though, that Lostine has the same symptoms now that Bombay had a few weeks ago.  Perhaps they somehow managed to share an infection?  I know you can't share an ulcer, but you can share bacteria.

At any rate, I'm putting all the horses on the stress relief formula now, so they can all benefit from it, and if Lostine doesn't improve, I'll have the vet out again to run a blood test on her and start antibiotics.  I'm just suspicious that her problem revolves around her teeth.  There's not much the equine dentist can do for her at her age.  But since the symptoms are so fleeting, I really don't want to go around and around in circles testing and retesting only to have the problem resolve itself while I'm thousands of dollars in the hole for vet care.  We don't even know if antibiotics are needed, and I like to only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary since bugs become resistant to them.


achieve1dream said...

I'm glad Bombay is better but I'm sorry Lostine isn't well!! Maybe they were passing a bug around. Does the blood count for sure indicate bacteria or could it be a virus? I hope it's mild and that she's able to fight it off without medication. I don't like using antibiotics either, especially if I don't even know if it's necessary.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I suppose it could be a viral infection. I was just thinking bacteria because the horses are always cutting themselves and rolling in manure. If there is only one pile of manure in the entire paddock, they'll find it and roll in it. They are also obnoxious about investigating every pile of manure on the trails.

TeresaA said...

glad that you got your results back. I would hold off on the antibiotics too. hopefully it's not something that will recur.