Monday, December 22, 2014


"Gabbritine" is what the neighbors have been hearing me yell a lot lately.  Usually, when a horse is being aggressive and chasing off another horse, it's Gabbrielle, so I'm used to calling her name, but with Gabbrielle's lameness issues, Lostine has regained her rightful spot in the throne.  I start to yell Gabbrielle's name as soon as I hear hooves scuttering and someone grunting from being bit, only to turn around and finish with Lostine's name.  I'm getting as senile as my grandmother who used to say everyone's name in the family before she finally got to mine when she wanted my attention for something.  My brother and I just got to the point where we ran to her as soon as we heard her calling out anyone's name at all.

I did a photoshoot of dirty horses being lunged and can't believe how many pictures I had to delete because someone closed his eyes right when I pressed the shutter release or because I kept catching the ugly parts of each stride.  But before I show you the few decent shots I did get of the horses, I have to show you the bunny who ate our bread and grapefruit.  I also tried to get a shot of the coyote who tried to eat the bunny who was eating our bread and grapefruit, but it was too dark outside by then and I didn't have my camera on the right settings.


lytha said...

You just brought back a childhood memory of my grandparents saying Brenda, Beth, Becky! to try to get the attention of one of us. Kind of mean for our parents to name us cousins/sisters all B names when we're so close in age. We suggested that they say Brethky to get us all.

achieve1dream said...

I love the pictures!!!! That bunny is so adorable. Also wow Bombay has lots of reach with his hind legs at the canter! Impressive. :D