Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It was hot enough today to make Lostine and I sweat, but Lostine was also in full heat.  She had her tail flagged and was winking at all the imaginary stallions on the trail like you see in the shadow in this picture...

I remember reading on a horse forum years ago whether mares were better or worse for riding when in heat.  The responses seemed to be individual to each horse.  I can happily say that Lostine is well behaved either way.

I knew the temperatures were going to be awesome on M, T, and W of this week, and I planned to ride every one of those days, but I got thwarted on Tuesday.  I decided to call a land surveyor to mark off our property line more clearly.  He needed to do some research and said he'd get back to me "in a couple of hours."

I didn't want to go riding and not be able to answer his call because I can't see the phone screen without reading glasses and I can't see it in the glare of the sun, so I can't touch the right parts of the screen to pick up the call.  My phone model doesn't let me program which button to push to answer, so I'm stuck having to touch different parts of the screen to answer a call.  Anyway, the guy called in the late afternoon to say he was having problems getting the info he needed, and he'd call me "in the morning."

By then it was time to feed the horses their dinner.  So, I waited all morning for the guy to call, and he didn't.  I got mad, shut my phone off, and went for a trail ride.  I'm so sick of flaky business people.

I want our property lines to be marked better, because the race car driver's kids not only built a treehouse in my tree, but they left scraps of wood with nails sticking out all over the trail that trespassers take.  I wonder how the courts would handle a case in which I, as the property owner, got sued by a trespasser because he stepped on a nail left behind by another trespasser.  I suspect they would hold me responsible.

I rode Lostine in the Circle Y saddle this time, because the longer, square skirt on the Tucker Trail saddle has been leaving marks above her kidneys in front of her hips.  The Circle Y has a shorter, round skirt.  When a horse gets to be as old as Lostine, it's a tough call on whether to spend thousands of dollars on a custom saddle that will work for her short swayback, not knowing how may years or days she has left.  So, I'm just experimenting with the saddles and pads that I've got.

I bought some Renegade hoof boots from P.S. that she had been using on Gabbrielle before she got her own horse.  They didn't fit her new horse.  They've been sitting in a box unused since Gabbrielle has been on the disabled list, so I decided to see which boots fit which horses.

Because Gabbrielle has one slightly clubbed foot (but technically not a clubbed foot according to my farriers), P.S. got a size 0 for one front hoof and a size 1 for the other front hoof.  She decided she needed two 0's for the fronts, and got another size 1 for the back.  So, she wound up with two different colors on the front feet and two different colors on the back feet.  I tried them on and couldn't get them on at all.  I figured that the new farrier isn't trimming her toes back as much as the other farriers did, so I spent all day yesterday hunting around for the right tools to loosen the cables.

Now the front boots fit perfect on Gabbrielle, but they are too small for Lostine and Bombay.  Rock already had his own boots.  The hind boots ended up being too loose for Gabbrielle, so I tried them on Lostine and Bombay's front feet.  The 1's were too big for Lostine and too narrow for Bombay.  So, I'm going to tighten the cables again on the 1's and see if I can make them fit Lostine's front feet as well as Gabbrielle's back feet.  Bombay doesn't have a chance with any of them.  He needs a size 2 or 3, but since I'm probably mostly going to ride him in the arena, he really doesn't need boots.

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achieve1dream said...

Holy cow all the boots and hooves has me so confused lol! How do you keep it all straight??? Probably a good thing you wrote it all down. :)

I think when you get a cell phone upgrade you need to go with one that has buttons. I hate touchscreen phones. One of the reasons is not being able to see them in the glare. If a phone has actual buttons I can answer calls and write texts without even looking at it. :)