Friday, January 30, 2015

Think, and You Shall Receive

As I was slogging through the mud in and around the barn this morning in my saturated fuzzy clogs and wet socks, I remembered that I once had rain or muck boots.  I dug through my closet, but couldn't find them anywhere.  I think they probably got thrown out because they got cracks in them after being exposed to extreme heat and cold.  I thought that if all this rain keeps up, I may need to get myself another pair, because I've already ruined a couple of pair of shoes by immersing them in the water outside.  In one case, the stitching snapped where the toe meets the body of the shoe and there is a big hole there where sand gets in.  In the other case, the shape of the shoes got warped.

Neither my husband nor I wanted to spend this dark, dreary day at home, so we went to the mall just to get out and get some exercise.  I think every other senior citizen in central Arizona got the same idea.  There were a lot of people in sweats power walking around the mall.  Others were just lounging in leather chairs and sofas swapping tales about the weather.

I mentioned to my husband that yesterday I had to put a bunch of long-sleeved tops in a bag for charity, because the hems shrunk to be above the waist so that everyone could see my belly button and my butt crack thanks to jeans now sitting at the hips instead of the waist.  Yesterday's fashions clash with today's fashions.  I vowed to never buy another top in which the waist hem is shorter than the sleeve hem.

Anyway, he suggested we look around for long-sleeved tops that won't leave me feeling a chill at the waistline.  The first top we found that we liked was only... er... ninety bucks.  Ummm, no thanks.  I'm a cheapskate.  I'd have to really, really, really love something to pay that much for a simple top.  I'll happily spend ninety bucks on one boot for a horse, but me and my pasta sauce moments require sale items that are preferably prints to hide the stains.  Is it just me or does everyone else only drip toothpaste down the front of their shirt when they are wearing black?  And does anyone else have to wear an apron when squirting greasy detanglers into their horses' mane and tail?

Then I found an awesome sleeveless summer blouse for only six bucks on the sale rack.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but I'll take it.  I spend that much on a burger when I go out to eat.  We finally found an affordable long sleeved, long waistline top.  But, along the way, I also found these...

They are the rubber muck boots I had been thinking about earlier in the morning, and guess what?  They were on sale for $19.98!  Midge approves.


lytha said...

The boots look like they'll have good traction in the mud.

When you mentioned people wearing sweats at the mall, I cringed. This is one of the things that really shocks me when I visit America. Americans often go into public looking like they just rolled out of bed. Even little old ladies, I've seen them in sweat suits at the grocery store, with bed head. I'm from one of the most slovenly parts of the nation but I hope to never be like that. Mud and horse hair aren't so terribly bad. Sweats no!

I thought of you:

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lytha - That link is hilarious. I also think it's funny that you are in Germany and you found it before I did.

I once had a boy who asked me on a date show up at my house uninvited because he likes "to see what the girls he dates look like when they aren't expecting him". Guess what I was wearing? A pink, terrycloth sweatsuit and no make up. He still went out with me, but his ex-girlfriend showed up to the party and I found them making out on the floor behind the couch. That guy was so whacked. He was a body guard for some famous musician, and he seemed to be missing a few brain cells. He seriously couldn't figure out why I wouldn't date him anymore after that.

TeresaA said...

those boots are awesome. Check out for some nice, reasonably priced long sleeve shirts.

fernvalley01 said...

couldn't find your email to reply , so I am posting her.9 am after 3 days in frigid temps, Winston arrived a t the door totally unscathed. Not even particularly cold.I guess someone had him and realized he had a home

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

fernvalley01 - Hooray! Great news. My gut was telling me that city folk found him, because they don't understand that people in rural areas do let their dogs roam freely. They think every loose dog is lost or abandoned.

Sorry about the email. I took it off my site because of excessive spam.

achieve1dream said...

I love those boots!! My rubber boots always develop holes where they bend at the toe when I walk so I try to only wear them when absolutely necessary so they last longer. Even the $100 pair my dad bought my years ago did the same thing. I think it's because I walk with such a long stride or something. Or because I squat down with my toes bent a lot. I just realized I haven't been doing that and they are lasting longer so I bet that's it.

I have the same problem with shirts!! I'm 5'10" so even normal shirts are too short on me a lot of the time. I always seem to get holes in my shirts so I can't spend a lot on them... I would run out of shirts before I could afford to replace them! I hope you can find something that works. I haven't had a problem with stains on black ones, but lighter colors are fair game especially with our well water. Tooth paste isn't a big deal since I normally brush my teeth before I get dressed. :)