Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two Birds -- One Stone

After adjusting the cables on the Renegade boots to try to get them to fit Lostine, I discovered they were way too big.  I adjusted the cables again, and the boots were way too small.  So, I had to just make Lostine stand and wait while I made tiny adjustments and tried them on repeatedly after each effort.  I finally found a decent fit, and decided to take them for a spin to make sure that they didn't rub her heels.

I set out to just walk her up and down the street in them, but then remembered that I wanted to take her into a part of the desert where she hasn't been before just to make sure she wouldn't flip out like the last time I took her beyond familiar territory.  So, off we went.  We crossed a busy road.  She tripped a lot on the way out.  The boots add an extra inch to the insides of her hooves, and apparently she normally walks with less than an inch of clearance between her two front hooves.  I had to keep walking until she learned to step wider.  I was glad I chose to take her trial run by hand instead of from the saddle with all the tripping.

She was fine with the taller gates, the traffic, and the unfamiliar location.  I got tired of stepping in dog poop, so we turned around and headed back home.  There's a man who drives a van loaded with big dogs up to this gate every morning.  He opens his back door and lets the dogs loose.  They run all over the desert trails without his supervision, and they poop everywhere.  He's the main reason why I don't like to ride in that part of the desert.  He has so many dogs that he can't possibly keep control of all of them off leash, and I don't want to be swarmed by them on horseback.  My horses get nervous and freeze up when just one dog approaches them, and I don't want to find out how they would react with 8 dogs charging or circling them.

It's hard to tell by this picture, but the right boot is burgundy or maroon and the left boot is a forest green color.

I led Lostine back across the busy road after looking both ways and not seeing any cars coming.  Of course, a little car with a quiet engine came flying up out of a blind spot in a ditch close by, so I pulled Lostine to urge her to walk faster and she tripped and fell to her knees in the middle of the street with this car coming at us.  Argh!  Bad place to fall.  Poor girl.  I heard the driver take his foot off the gas, which he should have been doing anyway because he was approaching a school zone, and once I got Lostine to the other side of the street, he gassed it.  Really?  Gun it back up to 40 mph when you have to slow down to 25 mph in 50 feet and 15 mph in another 50 feet behind a horse's butt?  What the point?  I guess he wanted me to know that my horse inconvenienced him by making him slow down earlier than he planned.

After that Lostine made it all the way home without any further tripping... until I took off the boots.  Then I guess she had to learn to walk all over again.

There was one rub mark on one side of her heel, so I made another adjustment to the cables and called it a day.

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achieve1dream said...

Fitting boots sounds like such a pain, but they are a really nice thing to have when they work right. I hope you can get it adjusted for her. That's scary that she fell all the way to her knees in the middle of the road! I'm glad you weren't riding! Drivers totally piss me off when they do that. They do it all the time here. If they are in such a freaking hurry they need to learn to leave earlier! People need to slow down and enjoy life before it's over instead of being in such a hurry all the time. I'm glad you both are okay.