Friday, February 20, 2015

An Eventful Day

Rock came up lame on his right hind hoof.  Since there's no swelling, I'm treating him for an abscess.  He's had two hoof abscesses since I got this new farrier.  He also doesn't fit into his Renegades anymore, so this farrier is doing something drastically different from my previous two farriers.  I don't think he takes enough off the toe and the sole.  I was hesitant to leave Rock to go to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, but then I reminded myself that the show only comes around once a year, and Rock gets hoof abscesses every couple of months.  He'll survive.

While planning to visit the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, I remembered that I also wanted to visit a gluten-free bakery in Scottsdale.  I was diagnosed with IBS this year, and every time, without fail, that I eat in a restaurant, I get sick.  I already knew I developed an intolerance to lactose, so it would totally make sense that my body couldn't process gluten either.  I stopped at Gluten-Free Creations, ate their Monte Cristo with a side of sea salt chips, and felt no kick back whatsoever.  It's so nice not to have a hurting tummy.

At the show I got to see most of the classes I was interested in.  I had planned to take my professional Nikon with the telephoto lens, but both batteries were almost dead.  I was running late and didn't have time to charge them, so I grabbed my Nikon point-and-shoot.  I had to put it on shutter speed priority to get the indoor shots, and it was borderline between having them blurry and having them come out underexposed, but I'm not trying to win any contests.  So, without further adieu, here they are:

Country English Pleasure is one of my favorite classes to watch...



I missed the reining and cutting competitions, but was able to watch a bit of the practice.  None of my reining photos came out well, because I didn't have time to set my shutter speed before they started spinning.

More Country English Pleasure...

And a little Western Pleasure...

My battery on the point-and-shoot died before I could even get warmed up, but such is life.  It was getting late and I needed to get home to feed the dogs and horses, but as I was walking through the vendor booth location, I spotted some boots.  As I was getting dressed in the morning, I went to go put on my favorite slip on boots only to discover that they had a hole in the bottom of them.  Argh!  I go through boots so ridiculously fast.  It's because I'm always walking on sharp rocks.

Anyway, I own two pair of black Ariat paddock boots.  One pair is lace up, and they fit really well.  The only problem is that it is time-consuming to get them on and off.  I have to pull the laces all the way loose on each tier or my feet won't be able to get in and out of them.  A lot of times I just blow off the hassle and put on slip on boots instead.  The other pair are zip up boots, but they have always been too tight and I have this one freakish toe that is longer than all the other toes, and it dug a hole in the insulation.  So, now every time I put on those zip up boots, my toe immediately starts feeling pain because it gets shoved into that hole.

I've been toying with the idea of ordering new zip up boots online, but have always been afraid that I'd have the same problem.  As soon as I saw Ariat zip up paddock boots at the horse show, I knew I had to try some on to see if the styles have changed enough to allow more room in the toes.  I walked around and around this one booth looking for help, because they had a sign up telling us to ask for assistance before digging through boot boxes.  However, every employee was too busy gossiping with her friends to help me, so I said fine.  I'll take my $140 elsewhere.  Those boots are expensive and I don't want to give my money to people who ignore their customers.

I found another boot vendor who immediately helped me.  I decided to get chocolate instead of black, and I decided to try half a size larger than normal to accommodate my freaky toe.  The right boot fit great, but I asked to try on the left boot also for good measure.  Sure enough, the left boot was way too tight in the ankle.  Sometimes you can stretch them out and sometimes you can't.  My husband is always struggling with his boots because one is tighter than the other and he's been using boot stretching products, but they haven't helped.

So, I said I wanted to try on another pair to see if they fit more comfortably.  I tried on my normal shoe size, and couldn't even zip them up.  I was right to go half a size larger.  I always thought that half a size larger was just longer, but it actually had more room around the entire foot.  So, I then tried on another pair that was half a size larger, same boot but in black, and there was something bunched up underneath the sole of my foot in just one boot.  I told the lady I could be there all day trying to find two boots the fit the same, so I was going to quit while I was ahead and see if I can just stretch out the first pair that had one boot that was tight around my ankle.  She stretched it out for me, and there was a definite improvement in the fit, so I bought the chocolate Ariat Heritage Breeze Zip Paddock boot that is washable.  It looks like this:

Traffic on the way home was a nightmare.  I don't know how people in Scottsdale even get around.  Every freeway and every street that I got on had road construction and stop and go, bumper-to-bumper traffic.  There are a lot of rude drivers and a lot of clueless drivers sharing the road.  Now you know why I don't like to travel very far in this metropolis.  I spent the previous 20-some years of my life rarely having to use freeways because I lived in such a rural community.  I was spoiled by using rural routes and highways everywhere I went.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and my father designed and helped build the majority of freeways out there, and I think it's safe to say the traffic in the Phoenix area is far worse than anything I've seen in Southern California.  It gets better in the summer though, after we've had our mass exodus.


Cheryl Ann said...

I hear you about the IBS. I believe that my beta blocker, which I HAVE to take, causes mine. It's a real pain. I have to know ahead of time where the bathroom is, wherever I'm going. I'm finding that taking probiotics pills and Keifer or yogurt really help mine.
Cheryl Ann

Dreaming said...

Ahh, I bet seeing all of those gorgeous Arabians was wonderful - and how fun to see them doing so many different things. What cute, versatile animals!

Water Girl said...

Amy's Kitchen offers some really great gluten-free frozen meals. I have a gluten-intolerance and finding food that tastes good while excluding gluten has been a challenge. So far, Amy's has been my favorite. The gluten-free lasagna is to die for (it's also vegan, if you're into that kid of thing). Just don't bother trying the mac-n-cheese it's absolutely horrendous.

achieve1dream said...

Yay! I'm glad you're trying the gluten free. It has made such a difference for me (they said I had IBS too). In fact, after giving my digestive system time to heal with no gluten at all, I can now drink milk again!!! So I probably wasn't lactose intolerant at all. There are several foods I've discovered don't bother me anymore now that I'm not eating gluten. :)

I feel you on the long toe/low heel thing. My farrier is doing the same thing to Chrome. He was developing underrun heels too. Since I started working him regularly on the pavement he is shortening his toes and heels all by himself. His hooves look so much better!! He seems to move better too!

I love all of the photos!! They are fabulous, even with you using your point and shoot. :D The English Pleasure saddles have always looked so weird to me. It looks like they are sitting on the horse's kidneys! Those are all really pretty Arabians. :) When I get to visit Arizona someday I really hope I can come during the Scottsdale show.

Ugh boot problems!! I have a tendency toward ingrown toenails so I don't like my toes to touch at all! That's difficult to find shoes and boots large enough since I'm 5'10" with big feet! I usually have to wear a size 12 wide in women's sneakers. :\ The chocolate brown ones you picked out are beautiful! I hope it works out for you.