Friday, February 13, 2015

Okay, I Lied

I wasn't planning on doing any riding this weekend, but my husband hadn't ridden in a while and wanted to head out on the horses.  The neighbors had finally taken a break from their construction, so it was a quiet day.  I had to think hard about who to ride.  Lostine was in full heat and was a sticky mess this morning with Rock chasing her all over the paddock.  I didn't want her teasing Rock on the trail ride.  Gabbrielle had been beating up Rock all morning and I didn't want her kicking out at him and my husband on the trail ride.  Bombay is a habitual spooker, and I didn't want him jerking my spine around with the pinched nerve in my neck.  My options didn't look good, but I settled on keeping Lostine from acting like a hussy.

On our way out, Lostine stepped a couple of feet into the road, and of course my neighbor with the dually diesel truck who drives past my house fifty times a day was coming up the road.  I had to back her up into the driveway because I couldn't tell if the driver was paying attention.  Turned out he was.  He slowed down, drove on the far side of the street and waved.

It seems to be my karma to live on dead end roads in which the people who own the houses on the dead end live out of their trucks and cars, and are constantly coming and going, so it ends up being as bad as living on a through street.  I only have two occupied houses further down the road than me and the people in those two houses are hyperactive when it comes to driving.  This man owns multiple businesses and runs them out of his home, so when he gets a call for service, he's got to pick the right truck for that business and drive it to the call.  Then he gets another call and has to go back home to pick up the truck for his other business.  So, most of the vehicles going back and forth are big, loud trucks.  I was glad I chose to ride Lostine, because she has a lot of experience being around traffic.

I warned my husband that he'd have to work on slowing Rock down, so he chose the technique of walking in circles.  Rock is not soft on the bit, so it takes a lot of strength to maneuver him.  My husband needed to drink some water and Rock would not hold still for him, so Rock was walking in circles and through bushes while my husband was trying to drink and get the cap back on the bottle.

We saw one man walking three dogs on leashes.  I was familiar with him and knew that he was good about keep his dogs away from horses.  Other than that, we didn't see anyone, probably because they were all eating lunch.  I run into the majority of horseback riders either early in the morning or right before sunset.

Lostine tried to convince me that she couldn't go any further, but I saw her galloping around the paddock with her tail in the air trying to get Rock to mate with her this morning, so all of her tripping and neck stretching was ignored.  When she realized that I wasn't going to feel sorry for her being a feeble, old lady, she resorted to speeding up and turning toward home at every intersection.  I wrestled her to keep her going where I wanted to go.  By the time we were ready to head for home, she had given up on all of her manipulations.

Best of all, there wasn't a single spook or runaway horse, so my spine returned home intact and my neck, shoulder, and back pain are no worse for the wear.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

After we returned from our ride, yet a fourth neighbor brought in a tractor to push dirt around. Now we've got dump trucks and/or tractors to our north, our northeast, our south, and our southeast. Apparently, construction is contagious.

Cindy D. said...

Will Rock side pass off of your leg if you ask him? The reason I ask is because the last few times I took Trax out trail riding, if he wanted to run through my hands I just started making him side pass back and forth. It made all the difference in the world with him. If he tried to go faster than I asked, I just put my leg on him and after a few steps sideways in each direction he decided that walking was much easier. I have tried circling him over and over and over again. It has no effect on him what so ever.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Rock pretty much ignores all cues unless I get a specific horse trainer out to ride him. All that trainer has to do is ride him once and Rock is good to go for a few weeks. I'm used to riding horses that overreact to every little movement, so I am light in my aids. Rock needs to be man-handled. The horse trainer who sold Rock to us had to ask the owner how she gets him to go, because he ignores kicking. Turns out he doesn't like being smacked by the reins or saddle strings. Anyway, his training is very basic, so I doubt he knows anything about side-passing, but it's probably time that he learn.

achieve1dream said...

Yay for a good ride!!!!!

What is up with your luck in neighbors??? I think you're just living too close to big cities, but I know you don't have a choice because of your husband's job. Hopefully when he retires you can move out into the middle of nowhere on a bunch of acres where you can't even see your neighbors. :D I'll keep my fingers crossed it works out that way!