Saturday, February 28, 2015

Under the Weather

On Tuesday my husband came home from work early with a fever.  He stayed home sick the next day, which was his birthday.  I knew he wouldn't want to eat a birthday cake, so we just gave him gifts and made plans to really celebrate his birthday on Friday night.  On Thursday I went down to the barn to ride Gabbrielle, and as I was opening the tack room, I got all cramped up.  By the time I got back to the house, I was alternating between shivering and sweating.  I spent the rest of the day under the covers.

Friday morning I woke up to find a message from my daughter.  She had the stomach flu and wouldn't be able to do that tasks she said she would do for her father's birthday celebration.  She was going to buy all the ingredients for dinner and a birthday cake, and then she was going to come here and make dinner for him.  So, that meant I needed to be the one to do the marketing and cooking, which was fine, but I had also bought three tickets to a comedy show that night.  One was for my husband, one was for my daughter, and one was for her boyfriend.  The plan was that I would stay home to deal with the dogs and horses, so that they could enjoy themselves and stay out as late as needed.

However, if my daughter was too sick to attend, I would have to use her ticket and clean up all the dog poopsidents on the carpet when I get home.  I tried to encourage her boyfriend to come with us, even if my daughter couldn't come, but he barely knows us, so I wouldn't blame him if he did not want to make the trek without her.

That morning I had an appointment with the farrier, and he was half an hour late.  Since he completely forgot about our last appointment, I figured the same thing happened again.  I decided to call him to ask to reschedule for another day since I needed to prepare for the dinner party, but it turned out that he was already on his way.  He's not like a vet who is late because he was busy handling an emergency.  I'm his first appointment of the day.  He just can't wake himself up in the mornings.  So, with him being late, I got a late start on my chores and errands.

I'm thinking that if his tardiness gets to be a habit, I may have to get a new farrier again.  Being habitually late is an inconsiderate behavior that throws other people off their schedules.  Since I'm paying him considerably more than what I paid my other farriers, I expect his service to be better.  He's the first farrier I've had who has been late and completely forgotten about my appointments, and I'm not liking the job he's been doing on Rock's feet.  I had to tell him how to trim them so that the horse wouldn't have ridiculously long toes in a few weeks.  He did do what I asked, but he also told me that I may have to have him come out every 4 weeks instead of every 8 since Rock's hooves grow so fast.  Ummm, no.  All of my previous farriers had no problem keeping his feet in good shape for even longer than 8 weeks and I didn't have to pay them extra.  Why do all the good farriers have to retire and move away?

By late afternoon my daughter felt well enough to attend the comedy show, but not to eat anything.  It appeared that while all three of us were sick, we each had different viruses based on the symptoms and duration of our illnesses.  I knew that she was trying to push through it by going to the show so that I wouldn't have to eat the cost of the tickets, but by the time they returned, I could tell that she was in really bad shape.  Her energy was completely depleted.  Hopefully, she didn't breathe on anybody in the theater and pass it along.  Her boyfriend was unconcerned about being around all us "sickies".  He's in really good physical shape and said he has a robust immune system.

I wanted to give my husband an experience that he would remember for his birthday as opposed to just more stuff.  However, you're always taking a risk when you buy tickets for a future event, not knowing if the ticket holders will all be in good enough health to attend.  I find buying airline tickets to be especially stressful since they are so expensive and often non-refundable, so on our last trip I bought insurance that would refund us for the cost of the tickets if something came up to ruin our trip.  Now that I know that February seems to be the month for viruses to have a free-for-all, I'll probably get insurance for whatever tickets I buy for his birthday in the future.

Today I was preparing for Winter Storm Thor.  I filled all the water troughs so that I won't have to wade around in mud to do it later on.  I don't mind rain.  I just can't stand mud, especially after I just spent two days cleaning house.  So far it has been cold, dark and dreary, but we haven't had anything more than a few sprinkles.  The worst of it is supposed to hit Sunday and Monday, and can possibly go all the way through to Wednesday.

I'm writing about this so that when I'm suffering in 115 degree heat this summer and wondering why I didn't ride the horses more often in the winter months, I will remember why.  The theme of this winter has been rain, illness, hoof abscesses, busy followed by rain, illness, hoof abscesses, and being busy.


Mrs. Shoes said...

Hey Nuz,
How about getting one of those folding wire pens for the dogs to stay in while you go out?
They fold down almost flat for storage & have coated (easy on paws) adjustable height floor grates and a pan which slides inside the panels underneath (so it doesn't slide around) which you can line with paper.
Easy peasy clean up!

P.S. It felt like time for a change, so I've started a new blog (hope it's okay, I added you to the blogroll).
Hope you'll drop by 4Shoes Life for a visit soon!

TeresaA said...

it was too bad that the birthday couldn't have been more fun. Good for all of you for trying. Maybe, when everyone's better, you can have a family dinner to celebrate.

ellie k said...

Hope you are feeling better, missing your posts.

achieve1dream said...

I'm sorry everyone was sick for his birthday but I hope he had fun anyway. Tell him all of us bloggers said happy birthday!! :D I hope you all feel better.