Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Clean Up

I didn't even realize it until I took the picture above that so far the majority of my weekend has been spent cleaning up.  There seems to be some truth behind getting the cleaning bug in the spring.  Oh, I know it's not spring yet for most of the world, but here in Arizona, spring starts in the winter months.  We have pastures of grass both in our back yard and out in the desert.  I got down to two bales of hay, so I cleaned out all the wooden pallets, and turned them over to let them dry out in the sun before they rotted.  Then I ordered more hay bales and hay pellets.  Of course, right after I did that, I got low on pretty much all my grains and grooming products, so I'll have to make another trip to the feed store.

I bathed all four horses in one day, which is nothing to sneeze at.  I also got my teeth cleaned and for once was told that I take good care of my teeth.  I know I take good care of my teeth, but it's nice to have a dentist admit it every once in a while instead of trying to convince me that I need to come in more often so that he or she can bill my insurance more often.  Every service nowadays is such a racket.

Bathing the horses is quite a process.  I have to tie them to a railing, hose them down, shampoo them from nose to tail and head to hoof, rinse them off, sometimes I condition them too and rinse that off, but didn't do that this time, I have to sit with them while they graze in the sun and dry off a little, and then I spray the gray horses' yellow manes and tails with whitener, I run detangler through their manes and tails, comb them out, run some bristles through their wet body fur, apply fly spray and fly masks, and then put them in a closed stall to finish drying before cutting them loose to roll in manure.

The next day I then have to run a curry comb and brush through their fur.  I should do that before I bathe them, but I forgot to do it with the first two horses and then was too exhausted to add the step in for the last two.  When doing a heavy grooming session, I have to keep an eye on my gas tank and be aware of how sore my muscles feel, because I don't want to poop out before I get to the last horse, and then have to get set up with all the supplies the following day.

Lostine is pretty much the only horse I can trust to stay in the yard.  The other three might spook and run off.  Even Rock has been spooking at his own shadow lately.  Some neighbors behind us were having some social gathering, and car after car after truck kept driving up.  Then this lady rode her horse into our back yard to watch me bathe the horses, which distracted Gabbrielle from her usual worries about getting wet.  About 20 to 30 people walked down the street behind my backyard to go look at the neighbor's race car.  So, there was a lot of activity to contend with.  Gabbrielle did get a little crazy.  She discovered that the lead rope had some give, so she tried pulling back and rearing up several times in an effort to break free.  I shamed her and told her she was too mature to be pulling such stunts.

The same lady and horse who rode into my backyard was riding in the street in front of my house the other day when her horse started pooping in the road.  She said, "Really?  You couldn't have waited until we got out onto the trails?"

I started laughing, because that's totally something I always say.  Gabbrielle is notorious for pooping on the rock driveway.  It's really hard to scoop manure up off of rocks.  My husband went out into the road to clean up the manure that the neighbor's horse left behind, and he said it was a ridiculous amount.  I told him the horse was really big.  I think it's a Saddlebred.

Other horses in various stages of air drying...


Have you seen the screaming goat commercials yet?  I know they'll get annoying at some point, but I'm still laughing at them now.  We need a screaming ground squirrel commercial too.  "Stop taking my picture, Woman!  I'm trying to eat grass here and I don't want to scream with my mouth full!"

By the time I finished bathing everyone and feeding them, I was so wiped out that I couldn't take the dogs outside or make dinner, so my husband took the dogs out, while I poured myself a bowl of cereal and went to bed.

Now I'm up writing a blog post at 1:00 AM because the dogs woke me up and forced me to scrub their accidents out of the carpet.  I'm still cleaning, I guess.


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, gosh! I have the same hours as you do! I wake up at 2 a.m., blog for an hour, then go back to sleep until 4:45 a.m....sigh...WHEN will this craziness end?

I applaud you for doing 4 horses in one day. NO WAY could I do that! I used to have a couple of friends who would come up with me and help out, but they've moved away. Now I have nobody to help...sigh...I wish I did!
Cheryl Ann

fernvalley01 said...

beautiful picture at the end there.Bathing horses already! I am so jealous, we are still shoveling snow so snow baths are it for the critters!

achieve1dream said...

Wow I'm impressed! I'm exhausted just bathing one horse lol.

I haven't seen the screaming goat commercials..... gonna have to look them up. I really like the picture of the ground squirrel. So cute!

Your horses look great after their baths. :)

I laughed about the lady on the Saddlebred. I say the same thing!! The last time I rode out on the roads Chrome waited until he got to our driveway to poop lol. At least our driveway has tiny gravel so it's easy to clean up... but he could have done it closer to the house instead of at the very end outside the gate!! That's a long walk hehe.