Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bombay Got Sent to Exile Island

I know.  Round pens should be used for lunging and riding -- not time out.  I've had to separate the boys several times this spring for getting too rowdy.  I'm fine with them play fighting, but as soon as I hear hooves connecting with flesh, whoever's hooves were flying is the one who is sent to Exile Island.

See all that yellow in the photos?  That's what's been making us sick lately.  The Palo Verde trees are in full bloom with tiny yellow flowers.  For a while there, I had no choice but to take antihistamines every few hours, because otherwise I couldn't get anything done except blow my nose every few seconds.  The upside of antihistamines is that they help us sleep.  The downside is that we sleep so well that we wake up to dog poopsidents and peepsidents on the carpet, and I get to greet each day with a bucket and scrub brush.

You can see my neighbor's round pen and one of her horses up on the hill in the upper right of the second picture.  Here's a shot I got the other day of the boys playing rough...

I think they were playing the carriage game with the ball, Rock ripped the ball away from Bombay and threw it in the air, and then Bombay got mad and bit him.

Here are some other shots I took around our place over the past few days...

It's extremely difficult to get pictures of all three dogs hanging out with each other.  Usually, by the time I stand up to get my camera they all take off in different directions.  They were in a much cuter pose before I got this shot.  Stewie was on the move so I didn't even have time to get Midge's ear and Scrappy's butt in frame.

Stewie often acts like my dining room chair is his throne.  Somehow he always manages to climb up my leg into my lap while I'm eating.

The ravens are still bringing bones to the horses and using the coyote's water bowl to dunk their meal meat and pelts in.  Yuck.

 The ocotillo are in bloom.

Enjoy it while you can.  Next week everything will look completely different.


Cheryl Ann said...

Our palo verdes are already fading over here. Hopefully yours will, too... SOON! I find that I'm allergic to the oleander blooms in May.
Cheryl Ann

achieve1dream said...

Ugh sorry about your allergies! It's still too early here, but I know it's coming. Hopefully when everything dies off soon you will feel better.

I actually got your exile island reference hehe. It took me a second, but I finally got it. :) I hope they are being nicer to each other now!