Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting There

The horses and dogs understand that I mean business now and am not in the mood for games, so they've been more cooperative the past few days.  For me, it's easier to train horses than dogs.  The horses will usually straighten out after just one or two corrections, but the dogs can be a bit more thick-skulled.  Gabbrielle is back to giving me kisses instead of pooping in my face.  A lot of their game playing behaviors stem from boredom, but hopefully I can start riding again soon.  I'm being very careful about what I ingest and how I move my body, so that I don't get sick or injured.  I'm putting time in to do preventative health care like keeping my sinuses dry with antihistamines and cleaning my tear ducts to ward off respiratory problems and eye infections.  As soon as I develop any health issue that could spiral out of control, I take whatever medications are needed to head it off at the pass.  That's how paranoid I am about being knocked out of commission again.

I've spent a lot time trying to troubleshoot issues with my ebooks.  I discovered that my first book was missing links to some chapters when viewed on a certain platform.  In the process of trying to fix that, I found a couple of typos I missed on my first fifty proofreading expeditions and fixed those.  I downloaded a previewer and found several more problems.  Half a day later, I uploaded the new and improved manuscript only to view it in a different previewer and discover that all the changes I made to make it look good in the first previewer ruined it.  So, I had to back out of all those changes.  Software can be maddening, because it has its own bugs, and sometimes it's hard to decipher whether the problem is with the software or the person sitting between chair and keyboard.

I've got some ideas for the plot of my fourth book, but in the meantime, I finally found an author whose work I can salivate over.  I've been feeling a bit jaded when it comes to reading books, because it seems that everything I read disappoints me.  When I was in college, I devoured literature.  Sometimes I would go for days without eating, because I was so enamored with some book I was reading.  It was sustenance in itself.  But over the past few years, I'd dig through bookstores and spend hours perusing samples on my Kindle, and usually within the first couple of paragraphs the author wrote something that was the mark of an amateur and I had to put the book back on the shelf or delete the sample off my Kindle.  I used to be an editor, so a lot of writing is very predictable for me.  It's hard to find something fresh and exciting, but I finally found it.  I'll write a review when I finish the book.

The next few days are going to be busy.  My old vet has been pestering me with reminder cards in the mail and phone calls to bring Stewie in for his vaccinations.  He pulled his usual stunt of trying to get me in early for just one vaccination so that he could call me back in a few weeks later for another and a few weeks after that for another, wasting my time and sucking up all my money with repeated, expensive, and required wellness exams for each shot.  I've caught on to his games, so I ignore all contact from his office.  Now that Stewie really is due for every shot, I found a new vet with great reviews that I can drive to in less than 30 minutes and don't have to take the freeway.  This vet is closer than the discount clinic, and supposedly has reasonable prices without the long wait.  I just can't bring myself to get up at 4:00 AM to get my barn chores done and get the dog to this clinic by 6:00 AM, which is when they do their vaccinations.  I hope the new vet works out.  The receptionist didn't give me much hope, as she was one of those who asks me to repeat every piece of information half a dozen times, and it takes 20 minutes just to set up an appointment over the phone, but I don't want to judge the vet based on her front office.  I'd rather have a great vet with an incompetent receptionist than a great receptionist with a con artist for a vet.

Anyway, I set up an appointment for Stewie, only to have the tax account call an hour later and want to set up an appointment on the same day in the same general time slot.  That always happens to me.  It's like washing your car to guarantee rain.  I talked her into moving her appointment up, so I could do both on the same day, even though I promised myself I wouldn't stress myself out by scheduling too much in a short period of time.  I keep having a lot of unexpected things happen to fill up my calendar fast.

The imaging lab keeps calling me every other day to set up an appointment, and I'm ignoring their messages, because I'm an adult and I will call them when I have time and feel better.  I'm also getting skeptical about all these x-rays they keep subjecting my body to.  It can't be good for me.  Cancer is very common in my family once you get over the age of 60.  I'm beginning to make the connection that  60 is 10 years after 50, which is when the medical field starts increasing the number of x-ray screenings they do.  And then, because I've had a variety of health issues, x-rays that most people would only get once a year, I've been getting more like three times a year.  They say they've got to keep checking for cancer, but they're probably causing cancer simply by constantly checking for it.  I trust no one anymore.

So, there are my most recent updates.  Here are a few pictures of flowers we've had blooming around the ranch...

This last one is just a weed, but pretty none-the-less.  I like to challenge my macro lens to see what I can get away with.


Crystal said...

Ya I dunno about the medical system either it seems a scam all around. Ours cant recommend a chiro and so I feel bad for all the people who are injured and could be fixed easy enough but they are afraid and they can get a recommendation.
I too am trying to be careful with my schedule seems last few years I been so busy I cant enjoy life and my ponies so I am trying to schedule in time for just me.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Come to think of it... all the yellow flowers are weeds.

Crystal - Making time for the horses has a lot to do with me trying not to over-schedule too. I also just want to spread out all the doctor, vet, and lab appointments because it seems I get walloped with them all at once, and then somebody always has to find some problem that requires additional appointments. It's like falling into a never-ending abyss.

achieve1dream said...

I hope the new vet works out! I ignore all of the reminders mine sends too. I only do rabies vaccines because after the puppy vaccines and the first yearly booster most dogs are covered for the rest of their lives and mine never goes anywhere that they can get anything anyway. Yearly vaccines wreak havoc on their immune systems. If my vaccines last for years then so do theirs. Anyway there is a lot of research that has been done on it, I'm just paraphrasing.

I hope the appointments worked out okay on the same day. I hate scheduling multiple things on the same day too, but sometimes it's impossible not to. It sounds like you're just so busy!! I hope things calm down for a while so you can catch a break.

I'm looking forward to the book review. I don't think I knew you were an editor at one time. No wonder you have a hard time finding good books to read!! I have low standards and I'm easily entertained I guess hehe.