Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rock Made a New Friend

I often see this guy locking talons with the ravens as they tumble through the sky, or at the very least I see them dive bombing and chasing each other.  The ravens usually win, but apparently he was able to claim my barn as his territory today.  He's a Harris Hawk.

He was hunting for critters, like this poor dead baby bunny I found in the hay barn.  I'm not sure how it died.  I'm hoping I didn't drop a hay bale on it.


Stephanie said...

Very cool!!! I spent a day in Ireland several years ago doing 'falconry' with a Harris Hawk! Apparently they are very trainable and also incredibly light, you could easily hold him on 2 fingers with no problem.
Great pictures!

Crystal said...

I have never seen that hawk, he is neat looking.

And poor baby bunny, we had a couple last year and now as the snow melted we saw the bones of one underneath :(

achieve1dream said...

That hawk is beautiful! Great photos!!

So sad about the bunny! I doubt you killed it. It's mom probably got eaten and it probably starved sadly.