Friday, March 27, 2015

The Boys Model CNJ's Latest Designs

It's that time of year to stock up on fly masks for the boys since they shred through them so fast. They've been wearing a store bought brand that I won in an auction, but I wanted to make sure they each had a CNJ special, because her homemade masks are strong.  The mesh lasts probably four times longer than the mesh used with the store bought brands.  I emailed her with my order, and this is what she wrote back:

I just bought a bunch more mesh and I have a variety of colors- grey, tan, white and the new addition is two metallics, brass and charcoal, that have a shimmer to them. Fleece? Black, navy, hunter, yellow, orange, pink, red, and in prints I have zebra, lime green zebra, black & green leopard, giraffe, camo, blue camo, pink camo.... 

I decided on zebra print with white mesh and giraffe print with metallic bronze mesh.

Come pick out your new toys, Boys.

Rock was very pleased to model his mask.  He couldn't stop smiling.

I got really excited when I saw that CNJ added in these handy dandy tabs to help me grab the Velcro strap.

So cool.

Bombay was being grumpy, so it took a lot of pictures to get one with his ears forward.

Time to switch it up.  Now Rock is trying out the zebra look.

And Bombay is styling in his giraffe costume.

Rock and Gabbrielle kept interfering with the photo shoot.

Can you guess why?  Look at the shadows.
I got Bombay to put his ears forward by holding up a treat.  That only worked for so long until Gabbrielle and Rock caught on and started mugging me.  Gabbrielle was chewing on my pocket and Rock was giving me the sniff down.

Since the mares don't let the boys rip the masks off their faces, they both still have their masks that CNJ made last year and the year before.  Besides the fact that they last longer than store bought brands, I like that I can custom order sizes.  The Farnam Supermask II in a horse size barely reaches to attach under the geldings' large jowls.  The next size up is extra large, which is way too big.  When I make it as tight as it can go, the flies can still climb up underneath the nose band.  So, I explained that to CNJ and she knew just what to do to get her masks to fit my geldings perfectly.  She didn't even have to come out and take measurements or ask me for measurements.

You can contact CNJ at her blog or through the email in her profile if you'd like to order some.  We met for dinner last night and I got the inside scoop on what's to come next in her blog posts about her latest driving competition.  You won't find any spoilers here, though.  My lips are sealed.


Mrs Shoes said...

JMHO, but I think the giraffe suits Bombay better.

TeresaA said...

those are snazzy fly masks!

ellie k said...

Will the metallic mask be extra hot or will it reflect the sun? I love the new look and they do look sturdy.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Ellie- no worries on the heat, these actually help block it as I found out when trying to see how much airflow they allow, being a higher grade shade factor. All I had handy was a hair dryer and it blocked the heat while allowing air thru.

ellie k said...

The extra protection will really help in the heat there. Thanks for answering my question. I know it was a silly one but it made me wonder.

fernvalley01 said...

those are awesome, I still have the ones she made for Phoenix and Cactus and they look practically brand new 3 yrs later!

achieve1dream said...

Those are so awesome! It almost makes me wish my horse needed a fly mask, but not quite haha. I love the colors and patterns you chose!!