Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wiped Out, but Satisfied

I did it.  I managed to make sure all four horses were ridden today.  I rode three of them and my husband rode one.  I'm sore and exhausted.  Hopefully, I can talk my husband into feeding the horses tonight, because I've got no gas left in my tank.

Riding Bombay was a bit awkward.  It was as if he had forgotten all of the cues to do simple things like stop, go and turn.  He struggled to walk in the sand.  I think I'll drag the paddock again and move some of the sand into the barn to thin it out in the paddock.  He was nervous about being at the end of the paddock next to the arroyo, because people and animals are always passing through there, so I worked him at the opposite end by the barn, and let him stand and rest by the arroyo.  Here he is telling me that something is in the bushes and he's ready to spin and run for the barn as soon as it jumps out.

Once we just hung out together a bit, he began acting like his memory was coming back, and he collected himself!  Good boy, Bombay.

I think he wants to be a Western Pleasure horse even though he naturally moves more upright.  But his real calling would be cutting, because he loves jumping from side to side.  Now I've just got to introduce him to a cow.  He's never seen one before.

One of my neighbors was moving a truck and camper around on the side of the cliff, and people were walking around in the bushes, so we had to work through those distractions.

Bombay has got bite marks all over his neck and face thanks to him always playing rough with Rock.  I was worried the halter and bridle would rub his raw wounds, but they didn't.

Gabbrielle is so beyond adorable...

She is the most eager to please horse I've ever known.  Part of our routine after mounting is to flex from side to side.  She cracked me up by flexing herself while I was standing on the mounting block, as if to show me what she can do before I ask her to do it.  Once I mounted, she did it again.  I didn't even have to lift up on the rein to cue her.

I love this next shot of my leg, because it shows that I've lost some weight after taking kickboxing classes...

Of course, that angle is always slimming, but I usually cut out the pictures where my thighs sneak into frame because they look like blobs in the saddle.

Gabbrielle was so easy to ride and quick to respond.  She did try to take charge a couple of times, but I regained control.  She gives up the throne fairly easily once I become a driver rather than a passenger.  I'm really amazed at how little training she has had, yet she seems much more advanced than my other horses.  All the trainers who have worked with her only worked with her for a very short period of time, so I give the majority of credit to P.S., who rode her for a year and a half, and to Gabbrielle herself for being such an enthusiastic student.

While I was riding her, Rock kept kicking a metal water trough to tell me that it was empty.  I said, "I'm kind of busy right now.  Could you just fill it yourself?"

He responded by kicking it again.

For some reason, when I and only I ride Gabbrielle, she gets confused between my forward cue and my backward cue, so I spent some time halting her, and then mixing it up -- sometimes asking to go forward from a stop and sometimes asking to go backward from a stop until she totally understood the difference between the two.  Then I used lighter and lighter cues.  She figured it out.  She's so smart.  And cute.


TeresaA said...

good for you for getting all that riding done!

Mrs Shoes said...

You've got their manes laying so pretty & flat & smoothe & snowy white.
All my horses have long manes, but they always seem to have a lot of short little flyaways too.
What's your secret Nuz?

p.s. Thank you very much for adding 4Shoes Life to your blogroll!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Shoes - It takes me a while to get around to it, but eventually I add new blogs to my roll and/or feed if I can actually complete the task without getting distracted. I think their manes look better in the photos than in person, but I've been using Show Sheen whitener and detangler after shampooing.

Cheryl Ann said...

I'm so glad you got some quality horse time! That is a rare thing for me these days. I work all week, then look forward to the weekend, and Saturday I'm usually too darn tired to do anything! I've been visiting the herd on Sundays, after one day of rest!
Cheryl Ann (looking forward to retirement in 2 years)...

achieve1dream said...

I'm so glad you got to ride them all (with your hubby's help)! That must have been exhausting. I get tired just riding one hehe.

Gabrielle is so cute. She definitely does remind me of Chrome. I love how she did her flexes on her own. :D

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm glad you're enjoying kickboxing so much!