Monday, April 6, 2015

A Darn Near Perfect Ride

Just got back from a great trail ride on Lostine.  What made it so darn near perfect was that I was able to take her further longer, and she didn't show any signs of discomfort.  My own back was aching, but it's so rare for me to be on such a confident, well behaved horse that I was determined to keep going.

Getting petted for holding still at the mounting block.

We went to a part of the desert I hadn't visited in a while, and I was sad to see that one of the wooden crosses on a grave had been broken.  Someone else propped up what was left of the cross.  It looks more like an X now.

The desert is starting to look like desert again.  All the green grass is gone and the thick, lush bushes have thinned out.  I rode Lostine past a couple of cacti that had been in bloom a couple of days ago.  Each one only had one blossom, so I told myself I'd come back the next day when more buds had bloomed to take pictures.  I went back the next day on Gabbrielle, but none of the buds were open.  Then today I took a closer look and realized they weren't buds, but what was left of blossoms that already came and went.  I was bummed, because that means I'll have to catch them next year.  However, we did find one other different type of cactus that was in bloom...

The cacti in front of our house are also in bloom...

While I was photographing these flowers, a neighbor I had never met before came up the street on a bicycle and stopped to introduce herself.  It was kind of awkward because she expected me to know who she was because she had been watching me work with my horses in my back yard.  I wasn't even aware of anyone watching me, so she must have been mighty stealthy.  She gave me a little more history about the neighborhood.

Our talk was going well until she started saying that she felt bad for the horseback riders who were cut off from riding through.  I asked her if she lets horseback riders come through her yard, and she said no, but she had an agreement with one neighbor that if she does favors for them, then they in turn let her ride through their yard.  She sounded like she was criticizing me for not letting the horseback riders through my yard, because she didn't want them coming through her yard.  Whatever.  Then she launched into a lecture about me owning too many horses.  She only lives here a few weeks out of the year, so why should she care?  She tried to make me feel stupid for wasting all that money on horses.  At that point I excused myself before my PMS set in.  Now you know why I never get excited about meeting neighbors.  Everybody's a critic, and the older we are, the harder we judge.

Oh yeah, and I fixed the problem with people thinking that my alley is an easement by wrapping layers of yarn between the two fences.  The only way anyone is getting through that spiderweb is if they cut it with a knife or scissors.  At that point, they are not only trespassing, but destroying private property, so I don't think anyone would go that far, and if they do, chances are it would take them a while to cut all the strands, so I would catch them in the act.  Hey, it costs a lot less than putting up a fence or gate, which I'm sure people would destroy anyway.

While riding, I saw a fat man without his shirt on walking toward the same trail we were planning on taking.  He was swinging his shirt in the air to keep the flies off.  I thought, "I hope he doesn't get behind my horse and start swinging that shirt around.  That's how I get my horses to run."

Lostine didn't spot him when we were walking toward him, but once we turned onto the other trail, she kept flicking her ears back and trying to turn her head to see what was behind us.  I wouldn't let her look, and I refused to look myself, because then she would have definitely insisted on turning her head to see what I was looking at.

If I give you some treats will you smile for the camera?


Mrs Shoes said...

Yarn?! What a clever fix Nuz!

Tina said...

Phew...had to come make sure you didn't make your blog only for invited readers. One of my favorite blogs "Horse Crazy American in Germany" did. So disappointed. So happy I can still read yours.

Tina said...

I get that too with my sucks.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Tina - I'm bummed too. I always look forward to reading about Lytha's adventures. Maybe if enough of us let her know how much we miss her, she will come back.

Tina said...

I don't know how to let her know. I hope she's okay.

achieve1dream said...

Lytha is okay. You should be able to email her and she will invite you to join. Her email is in the comments section on my Kenai needs surgery post.

Yarn is brilliant Nuz!! I never thought of that. :D I hope it works!

I'm glad you had a perfect ride! :D

lytha said...

Tina, please let me invite you to read my blog by emailing me at eli underscore barnett at hotmail.

It's nice to hear that you care.

I did it wrong, I know, I didn't warn anyone or give out my contact info, so not many people can read my blog these days. I'll tell you about it via email if you like.