Friday, April 3, 2015

Cardinal Visit

One desert animal that is ever rarer for me to see than the Gila Monster is the Cardinal.  I happened to spot this one outside my window just before sunrise.  The low light made it difficult to photograph, but I did get a few shots to come out in focus.  I have to use a point-and-shoot camera for rare wildlife shots, because there is no time for me to change lenses and play with settings.  Unfortunately, my point and shoot struggles to focus with its long-distance zoom, so I had to delete a lot of red blurs.

It was quite an active morning for the wildlife.  I spotted a tiny baby bunny hopping around, but couldn't get at an angle to photograph it without scaring it away, so I just stayed still and enjoyed its company.

The horses were chasing each other around the paddock, but in the low light my point-and-shoot couldn't keep them in focus, so I got a few shots when they were holding still.

Of course, once the horses spotted me, they quieted down and then Rock, The Instigator of All Things Fun, marched into his stall and waited for me to serve breakfast.

Quail are everywhere this year.  I had another batch of about twenty quail eggs in my hay barn that never hatched.  I think when I pull the bales out, it disturbs the parents, and they won't come back to help them hatch.  So, when I cleaned out the hay barn to make room for a fresh block, I set the eggs under a bush for the snakes and lizards to enjoy.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Lucky you! I love cardinals and quail. Beautiful photos.

Mrs Shoes said...

I always enjoy your pictures Nuz.

I've never seen a red cardinal here - yours is so striking! The flashiest birds I've ever seen around here are bluebirds & red winged blackbirds. Chickadees by the hundreds; in the winter they're all I see at the feeder. The summer brings gold finches, robins of course, & we always have plenty of birds of prey - even bald eagles (which I was surprised to see here)!

The quail looks almost like the patch of feathers on top of his head might feel fuzzy if I were to touch it - that's what I love so much about your photos, the 'live' quality.

achieve1dream said...

Your photos are so beautiful!! I feel you on the point and shoot challenges, but it is so much easier when taking pictures of wildlife. :)