Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday Ride

The morning was so beautiful -- sunny, but cool with a pleasant breeze -- that I hoped I could fit in a trail ride.  I was waiting for the horses to finish their breakfast at 8:00 AM when I heard voices through my screen door.  I looked out to see two men walking around in the back yard of the house next door that is up for sale.  I heard them talking about fixing up the place.  I don't know who they were or what exactly they planned to fix up (because the owner's keep the place beautifully maintained), but I knew that with my lousy luck, it probably involved heavy machinery and loud power tools.

Fortunately, they left after setting off the house alarm.  I suspect it was just a new real estate agent, because it seems the sellers fire their real estate agents and get new ones every three months, and the timing is just right for that.

Then I went outside to put fly masks on the horses, and I heard children yelling nearby.  I looked up to see several kids in my back yard darting in and out of bushes carrying Easter baskets.  I was like, "Really?  Now the neighbors' are hiding Easter eggs in my back yard?  This is getting to be ridiculous."

It looks like we may have to get into a dispute with the neighbor behind us, because he obviously thinks he owns a section of our property.  We have to deal with those kids playing, building tree houses, throwing rocks, and hunting rabbits in our back yard every holiday.  We've been trying to get someone out to survey the property lines, but everyone kept blowing us off, so my husband did some extensive research and found that the previous owners had stakes put in at all the corners.  Some were buried and had to be dug up, be we found out that we own the street in front of our house and half the street in back of our house.  The streets are easements, of course, but what that means is that if anyone wanders off either street, they are on our property.

Yesterday while I was doing barn chores, some missionaries walked right into my neighbor's back yard and let themselves into his covered porch to knock on his back door.  I was floored.  I had a saleslady knock on my back door once and I gave her a piece of my mind.  I just can't get used to how people around here think nothing of trespassing.  The neighbor is so nice that I'm sure he wouldn't say anything to them to correct their behavior, but I knew I couldn't hold my tongue if they pranced on down my driveway into my back yard to preach to me in my barn, so I ran in my house and closed all the curtains and blinds for their own protection.  I need a sign that reads, "Forget the dogs.  Beware of the woman with PMS."

Then this morning there was a slew of strangers cruising up and down our street in recreational vehicles with loud engines.  Holidays always bring out the bored.  I remember cruising the town in search of boys my age when I was young, but I got over it.  It's just so weird seeing all these retired people showing off their vehicles while in search of the attention they received back in the 1950's when they were, more appropriately, on the prowl in their hot rods, hoping to impress their peers.  I'd swear that half the people in our country are convinced that he who has the coolest ride with the loudest engine wins.  I can't relate.  And I'm sure they can't relate to my love of riding horses.

Eventually, everyone went back to wherever they came from to take their naps and my husband and I rode out into the desert.

Gabbrielle pulled her relentless habit of balking at the gate.  There must be something I'm doing that is very subtle, undetectable to me, but obvious to Gabbrielle, that communicates "halt and turn back"...

It takes a little bit of work, but I can always get her through.  She is very sensitive about making sure that she goes right through the center so as not to bang my knees on the posts, and I appreciate that.  In fact, I suspect part of her balking is that she wants to make sure she is lined up properly.  She really is a considerate horse.

Just past this point there are a bunch of bushes growing on the trail.  The horses can step through the bushes, but I prefer not to since rattlesnakes like to hunker down under the bushes in the shade.  So, we had to ride off the trail and step over a branch.  News flash!  I need to work on riding Gabbrielle over branches and logs.  She eyeballed it, stepped delicately over it with her front feet, and then when her hind hoof clipped the branch, she jumped forward and started to run.  I told her to settle down, and she did.  I have no doubt that she picked up on my wariness regarding rattlesnakes, and that helped her to overreact to having something touch her leg.

Here she was looking off in the distance as if in a trance and I had to shake the reins to get her attention back on me.  She was good about keeping her ears relaxed and listening to me most of the ride.

It was a bit windy at times...

Every once in a while my Go Pro takes an interesting shot on its own...

It didn't seem like we were out long, but Gabbrielle was yawning up a storm when we got home.  I guess I bored her so much that I put her to sleep.

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achieve1dream said...

Hehehe silly yawning Gabrielle! I was once told that yawning can be a sign of anticipation, especially for food. Does she get to eat after your rides? I love studying horse behavior hehe.