Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting Creative

We always keep a supply of store-bought water on hand in case our well breaks, runs dry or we lose electricity.  However, those plastic jugs don't last long.  If they sit around for more than a year, they spring leaks.  I noticed that one of our jugs was only half full.  I picked it up, and sure enough, there was water damage on the wood shelf it had been sitting on, so I tossed it outside.

This morning I poured the remaining water into a water trough.  Rock and Gabbrielle were fascinated with what I was doing.  Rock wandered up and stuck his nose in the stream of water I was pouring from the jug.  When it was empty, I dropped the plastic container into the water trough to see what Rock would do.

At first he mouthed at it, trying to get a grip on it, but it just kept slipping away, so I set it upright and he grabbed the handle...

That allowed him to pull it up out of the tank.

He eventually decided it was more fun to bang it against the sides of the trough, and soon he was making "music."


Mrs Shoes said...

I was a paid hand (groom) for years & a lot of my charges spent 4-5 days/wk stalled about 19 hours a day (had to trailer them back & forth to pasture turn out).
Boredom was an issue for a lot of them, not all by any stretch, but a lot. You'd be surprised how many hours a day some horses like to sleep!
One of the things I did for my guys was to throw a gallon milk jug with a little sweetfeed & chopped carrots inside into their stalls; if they were persistent enough there was a treat payoff for them (there is a dog toy based on the same principal, can't remember what it's called).
Another thing was to hang a jug (or a jollyball or a licker) from the ceiling.
These kind of toys amused the horses to no end while they entertained me with their antics; there was always laughter in our shedrow! True, a jug would only last 1-3 days MAX, but they were easy to come by and could still be put into the recycling box after they were squished & chewed up.
My horses also really liked to have a radio playing during the afternoon, but fussed to beat the dickens if it wasn't turned off @ suppertime.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Shoes - Interesting. I think the dog toy is called a Kong. I didn't know you were a groom.

fernvalley01 said...

Your horses do know how to entertain themselves!

Cheryl Ann said...

Great ideas for the water jugs! I have so many just sitting around the house!

Mrs Shoes said...

No one pays me for my services anymore; I think they call this 'retirmenet'? A few times a year I still get called out to announce at a riding demonstration or judge a local event -- all for fun these days.

Tina said...

I save my plastic litter containers and do this too. Mine don't last a year though. I wish.

achieve1dream said...

Mrs. Shoe thanks for the idea on putting carrots in the water jug!! I never thought of doing that. :D

I love the pictures of Rock playing with the jug. He's so cute!