Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Dance

I'm doing my happy dance and this is why...

That's the short of it.  Now for the long story, because you know I can't have a hay delivery without a long story.

I noticed I was getting low on hay, but I had a bunch of other appointments and errands I needed to take care of first.  Every little thing I did seemed to take five to ten times longer than expected, and I was watching my hay dwindling down to just a few bales that might cover feeding my horses for just a few more days.  I don't like cutting it that close, but every hay supplier I've talked to swears they always have hay in stock or can get it in stock within a couple of days.

Our air conditioning and heating units have been flaky and I've been meaning to call for service before we needed to use them.  Once it gets hot, the HVAC guys get booked up with emergency appointments for people with no air.  I was going to be smart and get ours serviced before then, but the temperatures jumped from being in the 70's to being in the 90's in no time.  I called for service on Tuesday, and this company that claims to have "same day service" couldn't come out until Thursday.  They said they'd call first thing in the morning to give me a window of time.

To me, "first thing in the morning" means between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, but it got to be noon and I never received a call from them.  Though I was tired and needed to sleep in, I had woken up early so I wouldn't miss their call.  I cleaned up all the dog poop around the air conditioning units so that the service man would step in it.  Each time I took the dogs outside, they'd poop, and I'd have to clean it up again.  As the day wore on, I got more and more impatient and ornery, and finally decided that if the guy stepped in dog poop, then he deserved it.

At one point I had taken the dogs outside, and a big red truck with a bunch of tool boxes on it pulled into my driveway.  Instead of driving right up to me, the guy drove to the front door.  I had to drag the dogs away from doing their business and run into the house to put the dogs away in a room, and then answer the front door.  By the time I got there, the man was driving off.  My husband ran out into the street to try to wave him down, but he disappeared.  We weren't sure if that was our HVAC guy and he left after seeing my note on the front door not to ring the doorbell or knock, or if it was a neighbor's service man and he came to the wrong house.

When no call or truck came, I figured they blew me off or lost my phone number, so I called a different HVAC company and set up an appointment for the next day.  I was feeling totally frustrated, because all these delays were pushing back my chance for a hay delivery, and all this time that I was being forced to stay by the phone or the front door was preventing me from riding my horses.  Of course, I have a mobile phone, but I won't answer it if I'm riding a horse or driving a car.  I can't hear it ringing if I'm somewhere noisy, so I have to stay in a quiet area.  I can't see what I'm doing on the touch screen if I'm in direct sunlight, so I have to stay indoors...  You get the idea.  Waiting for phone calls limits my freedom.

I realized that at some point I needed to make getting hay a priority, because my horses can't eat air.  I was hesitant to set up something, because every time I have two appointments within 24 hours of each other, they always somehow collide.  Say I have a morning appointment and an afternoon appointment.  What always happens is the morning appointment runs behind schedule and gets pushed into the afternoon.  I tell them they can't come after, say 3:00 PM, because I've got another appointment then.  So, they show up at 2:00 PM and the 3:00 PM person shows up an hour early.  Next thing I know I'm directing traffic so that all these trucks can get out of each other's way and onto my property, and I'm running back and forth between two people who keep needing to talk to me at the same time.

But I took my chances and called a hay supplier who I've called multiple times in the past, but either have never had anyone return my messages, or they were always out of hay.  I didn't want to call the feed store again, because they have high prices plus tax and last time I paid for delivery but had to stack the hay myself because one of the guys was out sick.  I didn't want to call the hay supplier who sends guys who break my wooden pallets and pee on my property either.  There were other hay suppliers I've dealt with in the past who either brought crappy hay or drove me bananas with a game of telephone tag.  Fortunately, I got a live person on the other end of the line with the first call I made.

I asked the guy how they deliver the hay, and he said they bring it on a truck that lowers the entire block down.  I explained that in the past, people have not been able to back their trucks into my hay barn, so if he can't get the block to fit, he'd have to set it down in front and we would have to re-stack it by hand.  He said he could bring it by in a few hours.  That made me happy, because that wouldn't collide with my HVAC appointment the following day.

When the guy showed up with the hay, he backed right up into my hay barn with no problem, set the block down in less than a minute, collected his payment, and was gone in the blink of an eye.  He said that he's delivered blocks to narrower hay barns than mine, so mine wasn't any problem.  I don't know why the other hay companies wouldn't give it a try.  Either their trucks were wider or they just didn't have confident drivers.  The hay looks to be really good quality, and it is the least expensive hay in my area, so I'm totally doing the happy dance.

Right when he was driving off, my phone started ringing.  I just started swiping the screen, even though I couldn't see what I was doing in the sunlight without my reading glasses, and I managed to answer.  It was the first HVAC guy who never called me in the morning.  He was ready to come over now.  I didn't know whether to bite his head off for not letting me know he was running 6 to 8 hours late and just letting me waste a whole day sitting at home by the phone, or just tell him to come on over.  I decided a bird in the hand...

He showed up and found that one air unit wasn't functioning at all while another unit was using too many amps and needed a new part.  He seemed to do a thorough and honest job, so I paid him and then called the second HVAC company to cancel my appointment for the next day.  So, hopefully, if nothing breaks down or goes haywire tomorrow, I might be able to actually ride a horse.


TeresaA said...

sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Cheryl Ann said...

Our unit is 12 years old and it looks like we are in for a REALLY hot summer this year. We are praying that it makes it through this summer and we can save up for a whole new system. OYE!
~Cheryl Ann~

achieve1dream said...

As annoying and frustrating as it all is it sounds like it all worked out in the end. Yay! Definitely happy dancing over the hay. :D