Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rock 'N Me

The neighborhood was quiet and with it being Sunday, there were no power company employees working along the trails.  We had the desert to ourselves, save the fly or bee that photobombed this next pic...

On our way home, Rock startled and came to a stop.  I looked around and saw my husband up ahead raking weeds behind a bush.  I pushed Rock forward, and he got only so close and then braked and said, "Uh uh.  Ain't going there.  Something behind bush."

I told my husband to say something, so Rock would know it was him, and he waved.  I guess Rock recognized the wave and put it into gear again.  I've been working on not letting Rock stop and gawk, but in this case we were about to cross a paved road, and I wanted him to be totally comfortable with the man behind the bush before pushing him forward.  Usually, if something is going on in the neighborhood that could result in my horse spooking in the street, I just dismount and lead him across, because I don't want to find out how much it hurts to hit asphalt from a height of five to nine feet above the ground.

Rock gave a few big yawns after the ride.

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achieve1dream said...

Your previous post doesn't have a comment box... weird! I wonder why the birds drop the dead animals in the water? That is so strange!!

Rock is such a good boy. That's funny that he recognized your husband just by his wave hehe.